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Vincente, Onyx Chevalier - Dismounted [14391: Onyx Phalanx, P14440B: Torso, P14440C: Sprue]

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Crap. I guess I need to go back and adjust the colors in the photo, then. It's purple.  :wacko:

Reads as purple to me in my iPhone screen.

It reads as an indigo/cobalt blue on my iPad but I think it may be the iPad as it is doing its weird dimming thing. Either way it looks fantastic.

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My, that's one big pike you have there :0)


Nice work!

That is, in fact, what SHE said. I call it a pike instead of a spear due to its length. I'm no expert, but everything I've read points to pikes being approximately twice as long as their wielder was tall. I really wanted him to have a Lochaber Axe, but my sculpting skills are barely adequate for gap filling. Reaper really needs a polearm sprue...


Thank you!

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Looking fantastic, and its quite purple on my screen.

Really like the feel of what you have done!

Great gold work !

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