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Dibbler painting Dibbler


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Psst. Forum commerce rules prohibit direct links.


I've seen these minis. They are slightly oversized, well sculpted and reasonably true to the characters, and to my mind kind of pricey (running about twice the cost of comparable Reaper figures).


(I haven't yet seen Granny Weatherwax at the ball painted correctly -- the book clearly describes her as picking out a spectacularly black dress, but the painters tend to make it colorful and pastelly.)


C.M.O.T. Dibbler is a fun one.

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Thanks for the kind words on the base! HappySeppuku, green stuff and time :)


They are nice and pricey, no arguments there! Glad I got him at a discount ^^


Anne: He is still unpainted (primed now, tho). That nose is great, indeed!

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Some base coats incoming




That water turned out way too green, needs work.


My recipe for stone has been this: 1. Paint gray. 2. wash Nuln Oil. 3. Drybrush if feeling fancy. I feel like expanding my stone-painting skills, but I don't really know where to start. Any links or ideas? :)


Really like that you're basing him on a larger street scene. Looking forward to watching how this project turns out as I'm a fan of both the minis and the books.


Felt like the mini deserved it :)

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My recipe for stone is:-


1) Basecoat Stone Grey,

2) Wash with Black

3) Drybrush Stone Grey

4) Drybrush Rainy Grey

5) Drybrush Aircraft Grey


It ends up looking like this


If you want to get a little fancier, you can mix up a few basecoats of Stone Grey + Dark Blue, + Dark Green, + Dark Red and randomly paint up individual cobblestones with the different basecoats, then do the wash and drybrush steps.

And you get something like this

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I always chuck in a few splashes of other colors before I wash the stone. Some green/brown and ochre works well. Ends up showing through a little at the end and gives the stone some "life" imo.

I usually use my dedicated drybrush and stipple (well, hard stippling, more like squishing) it on, removing the excess from the brush just like when drybrushing too so the effect doesn't end up too strong.

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Got some paint down today.


First I did some light coats of browns and greens, before a heavy black wash and drybrush gray. Not much color:




Then I stippled on a bit of brown/green and drybrushed grey, then a bit lighter gray:




I like this much better! Got some colors on the apron and merch:



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