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More new previews from the Artist Conference


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Reaper just posted some more miniatures (of an appropriate theme for the time of year) on their Facebook page.


She's no longer quite so blushing, but still a bride...







"Whut're we gonna eat tonite then, Dave?" "More mutton, I reckon." "'less we find ourselve some tasty halflings..."







The Boogeyman's returned/and he's brought friends!/With slicing and dicing/the fun never ends!







"Like, I know they come from the ocean, see, but, like, they're really not deep at all. And so slimy, you just wouldn't believe, Becky. Like, Iknorite?"







No smart remark for this one - that' cat's just adorably terrified. poor kitty....







...the tragic end of Napoleon in Ravenloft.






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Those are some of the best ogres to date. Whatever they're cast in looks nice. I kinda wish Bones were cast in a grey instead of white. You can see the details better. Well, I "prime" with grey or black liner anyway.

They are resin.

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