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Siri's RAC Conversion WIP

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So here it is! Pics of all the conversions my husband and I did this weekend! This will be my WIP for painting them all!

Some of the pictures are truly terrible and I will take better ones tomorrow to replace them. But this is a teaser for now. In a later post i will try to break down what is in each conversion =P

In order of the pics below:

First and second area goblin archer riding a spider and a mage that I went all out to convert and modify. She's got so many different parts!


Third picture is a hybird of two different lizard men, and the barbarian that was on the goblin archer's new base that I decided looked really good on the treasure chest


Fourth is my husband's three conversions [he was very excited to finally get a mini dual wielding tridents]


Fifth is our Bones giants from the converting the undead bones giant. Mine is the one on the left [with Spirit of hte Forest branches growing out of his shoulders and two heads!]


Sixth is one I'm proud of, done this morning while sleep deprived and feeling nasty....a unholy mash up of Nethyrmaul and Cthulhu! I went a step past what was asked of us and did a head and arm transplant as well as wing transplant [since no one was using their arms...and they're both right arms BTW! and there was ONE spare head laying around]





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I love the barbarian on top of the treasure chest, she looks awesome that way!

Ditto. I never would have thought of that.

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I love the barbarian on top of the treasure chest, she looks awesome that way!

Ditto. I never would have thought of that.

Thanks! I really like her on there too. Sort of like "MINE! I was here first!"

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Thanks! Nethyrthulhu needs some more work, I was rushing on him. The mouth tentacles need to be cleaned up near the sides of the mouth and the original wing holes are not filled in yet

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These are looking amazing. Looks like completely different models for a majority of the miniatures. Are you just snipping and gluing them on? The larger models show the green stuff, but I'm more curious about the smaller models.

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      So lets begin. First of all, the thing that bugs me the most are Athrogates flails. I've found some artwork online and here's how they could look like:

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