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Evilhalfling's October


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Yephima, Female Cloud Giant  has a (WIP thread) 

this took many days of painting. It eventually will get a snow covered base.


Mocking beast (mimic) 

my first unambitious attempt at basing. the base was from a box of good will, put in by Sirithel. 



Judas Bloodspire, Vampire



Ragnaros, Evil Warrior



Kord the destroyer


Bastic Oliver - this is my friend's dwarf ranger PC in my 13th age game.  A throwing axe specialist in leather armor.  


His "One Unique Thing" is that his excrement is gold.  The process is painful and has resulted in several types of trouble and lots of paranoia.  I am adding a gold 'nugget' to the base behind him. I may have to add some grass to make it stand out against the brown dirt. 


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