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I just received my figures from the Arena Rex kickstarter so I put my other projects on hold and began working on one of the gladiators, Otho Mentulus.  The sculpt has a lot of great detail so it's a fun one to start with.  I do a lot of 54mm figures, so it's a bit of a challenge working on this 35mm scale figure.


So far I've focused on the skin.  I'm using Rosy Shadow as my base and then mixed into Chestnut Brown and Mahogany Brown (3 parts brown to 1 part Rosy Shadow) to create my darker shadows.  For highlighting I mix the Rosy Shadow into Fair Skin and finally Fair Highlight.




The way he's hunched over blocks a lot of the light from his front.  He here is tilted up a bit for a better view.


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Thanks, everyone!


Kormydigar, yeah it's a really cool range and the resin casts have some very nice detail.  They're just finishing up shipping all of the kickstarter figures and posted a comment yesterday that they intend to open their webstore before the end of the year.  Check out their website (arenarex.com) to see the other figures and you can sign up to get a notification when the store finally opens.

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