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Getting to Know Each Other Better


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This could get long.  :rolleyes:


In no particular order other than when I thought of it:


  • Fencing (epee)
  • Playing native flutes and my recorder
  • Singing
  • GMing Pathfinder
  • Warlord/CAV
  • Birdwatching/nature-watching
  • Hiking
  • Camping (the more primitive the better; I hate campgrounds)
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Fishing
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Woodworking
  • Origami
  • Macro photography
  • Making homemade soda
  • Making my wife as happy as I can
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Question 10: We are all passionate about minis, but what other activities do you enjoy?

I enjoy reading. I have also started to slowly get back into drawing. I draw maps, and I've been expanding back into other things I used to draw. I write some, usually short stories or lately adventures for Tabletop RPGs. I am also a firearms, and archery enthusiast. I'm currently working on building my first bow. I also enjoy movies, a few odd television shows, and video games. I sew, and do counted cross stitch (usually around the holidays).  I like outdoorsy stuff, particularly fishing, and to a much lesser extent hunting. I dabble in guitar and photography (not great at either). I am a great lover of music of all kinds, and when I can't be listening to music I frequently catch myself singing (to the chagrin of everyone else). I've also started getting more interested in gardening, as it's something I can share with The Mom, and she has a lot to teach. I also mess around with other odds and ends of dabbling with things. I'm currently reworking two very old and well worn woodsman axe heads (single bit) into hand axes for The Dad.

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Question 10:


I play the guitar and the banjo. How much I play goes in cycles, right now I haven't played much in a while.





Hmm, that's true, I didn't reall include any traditional Norwegian foods! Moose meat is really good tho, and could easily invade the "steak" bullett point ;)


I do enjoy eating dried fish as a snack, tho. And love beef jerky! Too bad both are pretty expensive :/


Moose has to be done right, or it becomes dry and nasty. Of course, I am not sure if Norweigan moose and Canadian moose are the same critter. 


I think it should be the same thing. We typically cook it in the oven, I'm blessed with parents that both hunt the meat and prepare it well :)


A moose once bit my sister...


I was actually writing an answer to this, when my GF got the reference  :upside:


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  • Board games, role-playing games, collectible card games, non-collectible card games, miniatures games, game design, 4X computer games (it's possible there's a theme there)

Photography (all types, but especially landscapes)

Hiking (but not camping)

Skiing (but not commuting to ski areas)

Reading (SF, Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery, History)

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I like putting things in my stomach:

When I have the time in the evenings, I really like trying to cook new dishes that I've never made before.  I do it for personal accomplishment, and to impress my wife.

Coffee, coffee, coffee.  Cup of Joe, Latte, Macchiato, Americano.  It's all good.  There's an independently owned cake shop in a neighboring small town that makes espresso beverages and cupcakes, and I am in there every single time I'm in town.  I am also in love with my Keurig machine.

I also like trying new craft beers, wines, and scotches.  I'm trying to find the perfect one that I can stick with as my drink of choice, and though I've found plenty that I like, nothing has achieved that perfect status.


I really like music.  I listen to Rock and Roll in all its iterations and evolutions from the '60s to current day, as well as a small smattering of hip-hop, folk, and electronica. I'm very critical though, and tend to either love or hate a band/song, with no real middle ground.  Though I have no real talent for playing any musical instrument, I love singing along when I'm driving.  Also, I'm pretty good at the Rock Band videogame, teetering between hard and expert mode guitars and drums.

Videogames are another old passion of mine, though the industry moves so quickly nowadays that it's difficult to keep up.  I'm passing by most of the mainstream game culture nowadays, and sticking mostly to indie and Kickstarted games.

I really love my puppy.  She's always willing to play or cuddle, and her enthusiasm is infectious.  I can't help but feel happy when we're playing fetch, catch, or tug of war.

I'm a reader, too, though never as much as I'd like to be.  I'm trying to absorb the really valuable classic literature.  Stuff with really deep and poignant themes.  The more serious the subject of the novel, though, the slower I read.  Hemingway, Dostoevsky, and the French Existentialists are pretty good examples of this kind of stuff.  When I'm reading for pure entertainment I read Murakami, Palahniuk, or Gibson, and when I do, I devour the novel very rapidly.

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• Board Games/ RPGS/ Video game (Which I don't feel need to be mentioned really, but not everyone who paints is such a big nerd)

• Drawing, painting sculpture

• Cooking/baking

• Hanging out under the stars with a warm breeze blowing while I enjoy a brew with good buds

• Helping people through their (potentially final) liminal stage

• Hiking/biking

• Swimming

• Canoeing

• Nature (Including some dabbling in bird watching, learning about nature, watching nature shows, being a bio nerd etc)

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Lets see, Other hobbies... The answer is yes. All of them...


Oh, you wanted examples? OK...





Working on my Jeep

Working on my bike (motorcycle)

Cycling (pedal bikes)

Riding my motorcycle





road trips



board games

video games


electrical fiddling

Playing drums


Playing guitar

making digital music


home construction/renovations


I'm sure i'm forgetting something but I'll just stop there...

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Question 10: We are all passionate about minis, but what other activities do you enjoy?


 These are from my [incomplete] interests list in my profile:


Warlord, CAV, Dystopian Wars, VSF, Naval ACW, Terrain Building, HoTT, SGoM, Chainmail all pretty much minis related.


For more detail...



Warlord --- I like the game created by Reaper and the movie starring Charlton Heston. Now there is a thought: recreate the battle from the movie Warlord using the the rules from Warlord using all Reaper miniatures. Wonder if this has some potential as demo game for a convention?


CAV --- I am sad that I missed the kickstarter. I stupidly thought it ran for the whole month instead of ending on the weekend.


Dystopian Wars --- I love the models for this game; some of the rules are a bit  :blink: but worse, all interest has evaporated anywhere near me  :down: 


VSF --- Victorian Science Fiction; I am a huge fan of the worlds in Froggy's head and Ourangistan...


Naval ACW --- American Civil War and 1870s - 1880s coal smoke belching clanking Ironclad ships. This period fascinates me...


Terrain Building --- I do much better painting the hills figures stand on than I do painting the figures themselves. I am fascinated by the myriad of materials and crafts that can be combined to create scale model terrain.


HoTT --- Hordes of The Things; rules that let you build fantasy armies out of whatever figures from whatever mfg. you like.


SGoM --- Sky Galleons of Mars; it combines VSF and 1870s warships / naval combat


Chainmail --- I think this was my first table-top wargame with figures...but I am talking the first, TSR version, not the later WotC version that was a skirmish game. I am also interesting in the armor ... I have experimented with making some.


...but other stuff:

CAD and Drafting -- I really like drawing and designing with computer precision.

Graphic Art -- I enjoy designing logos and stuff. Overlaps with first item.

Drawing / Pen & Ink -- before there were computers there were Rapidograph pens and there are still Sharpies...

Dogs -- I don't (and probably can't) have one. But, I really, really like them.


Back to drawing -- I have a lot of fun drawing blank dungeon maps, it is fun (for me) to make interesting room patterns and layouts, experiment with the rendering style, I could spend hours doing that. I am never bored waiting at a restaurant or for an appointment if I have pen and paper handy---I'll just doodle and sketch anything and everything. It is not limited to dungeons.


Archery: I have a bow. And some surviving arrows. I used to be decent at it over short, target shooting distances. So that is a sport I like. Just don't know if I can do it anymore. :unsure:

I also have a bunch of surviving golf discs. From disc golf. I was never very good at it, but I liked it. But, I can't do that anymore. :down:

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