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Mila Kusanagi, Firereach Commander...

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The conversion on her posterior is a little hard to read visually in these pics. But the pics in his wip email show the conversion off better and it's a great bit of flavor. Glen needs to post close ups of the battle damage. It's amazing!! Well the whole thing is amazing... but you know what I mean...

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Good idea Dix! To clarify, I opted to paint Mila using the same techniques I use to paint tanks - specifically, a WW II German panzer during the 1943-45 period. Her armor was physically dented, dinged, and scratched with worn, chipped, and faded paint - all due to the nature of tac ops in rough, rocky desert terrain. I've also added some oil leaks around some of the joints. I added the rip on her upper left arm (with a small cut as well) and another rip in her body suit using  small blobs of putty. The rip on her butt cheek exposes bright pink panties. Sort of an unexpected hook for the viewer.


If anyone has a questions, just ask. No secrets here...


And thanks for the comments and 'likes' everyone!







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