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This one is for a friend to use as a PC in a 5e D&D game. She is playing a half-orc barbarian, so I found a couple a for her to choose from and she selected 03019: Lathula, Female Barbarian. I have attached the arms and cleaned up some mold lines. I should be able to get her primed tomorrow.



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Already pledged. I loved my guys from the last one so this was a no brainer. Small pledge so we will see what three make the cut. Also in on the Stonehaven KS so half-orcs have been on my mind. I also have been telling my friend about them, so maybe I am influencing her character decisions.

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I am glad you guys are excited about this one, hopefully it will fulfill your expectations. Pingo, I saw yours in the Inspiration Gallery and saved it on my iPad for reference.


So I started basecoating and just finished the skin, hair and metal. She is going to lean more towards her non Orc parent in terms of skin color but I am going to attempt to shade with some green. Right now it is just Tanned Skin. Also in the picture is her base. It is a blasted wetlands base from Secret Weapon. You can just make out the log she will be on. Yes she fits the base, barely. It looks wet due to wet paint but eventually it will have some sort of water effect, my first actually.



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Wow, I did not realize it has been over two weeks since my last post. Well I guess that is what happens when new video games come out. So I took a break from Dragon Age Inquisition and did some more work. Base coats are for the most part done, just did to do some clean up. And I have started to shade the skin and hair.



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Looking great.

Really like the way the skin tones are coming along.

Hmm.. female Half Orc Barbarian.. mind boggling.


So this is a figure that swills buckets of coffee out of a China bucket, while demanding

a separate wooden bucket of pig snouts ???



Looking good though !

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