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What nifty Halloween costumes have you seen?

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This morning when I dropped off the kids at school, one of the parent-volunteer greeters was dressed in a natty suit and overcoat with a bowler hat, carrying a picture frame in front of him with a green apple suspended in the middle.


What cool / neat / creative Halloween costumes have other folks seen?

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Nothing much as of yet Was costume shopping and for once the ladies costumes where more or less decent, but the mens. Oi. the generics where the same, but there where an abundance of just rude ones.

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In truth though the coolest costume I've seen was the Speeder Bike get up that Ton DiTerlizzi made for his daughter. Pretty epic and inventive. 

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I wore an Army uniform to work today...











Did I mention that I'm in the Army?

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A toddler dressed as Minnie Mouse...


A teenage coed Sonic carhop dressed as a whiskerless black cat...


A twenty something coed at the grocery store dressed as...not really sure what...ingredients were:


  • four inch black leather platform heels with nickel studs and hardware
  • black skin tight leggings with designs in white piping that sorta looked like Tron meets Dilvish's avatar
  • a black leotard with a notably low neck-line 
  • cat ear inserts set in bottle-red/auburn hair

Is that an anime character? Admittedly I am rather pop-culturally challenged...

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Eh, folks around here don't put much effort into it.  Lots of cat ears, witch hats, a few masks, zombie paint. I saw one dad dressed in blue and yellow spandex as Wolverine. Another guy went full commando.... ghillie suit and green face paint.  There was a cute family of 3 dressed as hikers (I'm in Kansas, there's no trees and no mountains) hey the zombies have to chase someone...  Another couple... he was dressed in convicts stripes and she wore a sexy SWAT team outfit.  Then there was one woman dressed up in an old fashioned house dress with a rag on her head, looking very pregnant... might not have been a costume. 


DH and I went as 18th century gentlemen of fortune: frock coats, gold jewelry, and tricorne hats.

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I went as the comic book version of Wolverine to work today from Days of Future Past.  The one with the green pants, 'fur' lined bomber jacket (neck and wrists), and the black turtleneck.  Yep, closet Cosplay for the win!  Both work appropriate and a costume. 


That and I grew a beard just so I could get the blasted face right. 


Unfortunately, trick or treating is done, so the beard is leaving me.

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      Better late than never.

      Here's some fun Pumpkin Horrors I painted up for @Inarah for Secret Sophie this past December.  I was still riding on my Halloween spirit when Secret Sophie began, but wanted to do something that fit the winter theme.  Inspired by the snowman-like design of the Pumpkin horrors and my own past mistakes of leaving pumpkins outside to rot all winter, I decided to do a holiday mashup with these guys left out in the cold too long.

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      Since I suggested it, I guess I'll do it...
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      Hopefully you can find them elsewhere if you don't have a Joann's.
      They come in $10 bags that are pretty big. I don't see myself ever needing to buy more. 

      They say "fall drieds" which makes me think they're some kind of organic. But they have the consistency of some kind of acorn or pinecone. So pretty solid. I don't think they'd deteriorate but if you're worried I'm sure a sealant of some kind would do the trick. 

      They come in a mix of sizes but they all look pretty good at 28mm scale. The cutting mat has half-inch squares.
      Most of the pumpkins are of the artistically exaggerated size compared to a mini, and the smaller ones tend to be darker and a bit more mishapen. The coloration in them is pretty decent. I think they could use a layer of highlights but if you're in a hurry or making a huge pumpkin patch, then they look just fine. 
      Anyways, I hope this is useful for someone!
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