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Dire wolves and their Fenris alpha (Red Box Games)


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Thank you all for the very kind words; they really mean a lot to me.


On further thought, I'm really impressed how the painting makes the wolves look fluffy, as if their fur were actually bristling. That's not an easy thing to pull off on solid minis.

To be fair, almost all credit should go to Tre who sculpted these, the detail was there to work on and I painted these very quickly with the most basic of techniques: base coat - wash - drybrush.


Here's how I did them if anyone's interested. First they were basecoated in a striped pattern from top to bottom with Blackened Brown - Muddy Brown - Earth Brown - Leather Brown - Leather Brown/Graveyard Bone - Graveyard Bone, with a little 'splotchiness' between layers to give a more irregular, natural look. Teeth were picked out in Linen White, noses in Pure Black, tongues in Splattered Crimson. Then the whole thing was given a dark brown wash (GW's Agrax Earthshade), followed by drybrushing from top to bottom with Intense Brown - Tanned Leather - Graveyard Bone - Splintered Bone. Done!

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These are such fantastic sculpts, and you did a great job on them.  I'm hoping to pick them up at some point, but I can't find the dire wolves.

Thanks! No, I don't think the dire wolves have made it to the webshop; I'm not sure what the status is on them in terms of Trollforged/resin/metal moulding (I think the ones I got were leftover Trollforged from RBG's first Kickstarter). You should bug Tre about them to let him know there's demand, I have a friend who wants some too after seeing mine at the gaming table; they seem like pretty popular sculpts.

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