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CAV: SO Friday Feature [10/31/2014]


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Love the art preview! I am looking forwars to future nuggets of CAV awesomeness. I too am a Mac guy but is suppose I could install this on my work computer...


The program is a standalone exe and requires no installation.  Simply double-click the CAVCP.exe file and off you go.  I recommend uncompromising the zip archive on a thumb drive, not actually having it reside on your work machine.  !)


Another option for you Mac Only users is CodeWeavers CrossOver Mac Pro 8.  This program allows the running of many Windows programs without having to install Windows or an emulator.  It works right from the Mac environment, so no having to re-boot when switching from a Windows program to Mac, or vice verse..  The down side is that the program is not free, but if it's useful for you in other, areas you may want to consider it.


Still other options are Paralels Desktop for Mac and VMware Fusion 2 and the free option, VM Virtual Box by Sun Microsystems.  These, I believe require you to install the Windows OS, which may be a pain, but it's a possible solution.


Or borrow your buddies Sruface Pro...  !}



I just ran the program in Wine on Linux, and CodeWeavers CrossOver is based on Wine, so it should indeed work... mostly. I run into the following error when I try to

1. export to pdf

2. open a file (user or official)

Invalid character(s) in path

A filename cannot contain any of the following characters:

/ : < > |

Linux (and I believe Mac) use forward slashes (/) instead of backslashes (\) in directory paths, so the program sees them and refuses to continue. However, I can save files without issue. I imagine that this should be a fairly easy fix, but I am not an experienced programmer.


I also would have preferred to see a web-based or cross-platform application, but I don't know how easy it would have been for either to support such features as exporting to pdf. That said, I'll be happy with running the program with Wine if the loading/exporting error can be fixed.

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