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Nor'okk Ettin Odd Thing I just noticed

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So I'm painting up Nor'okk, and things are going swell. Finishing up all my bigger basecoats first as I tend to. Then I get to the details and noticed this fella has a rope going into his arm. What's going on with this? I hadn't really noticed it in pictures before, so I looked some up. Seems it bothered other people as well, as most of them had taken pictures of the rope hiding behind something like his club:



It almost makes sense from this angle, too:



But here, in the full back view, the upper right shoulder clearly has a rope going into it:



Pretty unusual, looks like Tre just forgot to finish this rope? Not sure my green stuff abilities are beyond making simple rocks to decorate bases and patching obvious holes, so I'm kinda stuck until I wrap my head around the disappearing rope. 


So, yeah. No real point to this thread I guess. Just something I noticed.

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I believe the top of the rope is just meant to be concealed by his shoulder muscles, perhaps not the best bit of sculpting.  If you look carefully you can see the other end emerging from under his necklace across the left side of his chest, although it doesn't appear to be painted in the photos above.

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Is one of those the metal version? Maybe a detail lost in the transition to Bones?


I just looked at my unpainted Bones version and I think alchemist probably hit it on the head, my guess is that the rope is basically squished under the shoulder muscle.

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@alchemist- that's what I thought, too, but there doesn't seem to be a connection, the one rope goes all the way around his neck pretty cleanly, and it doesn't look like the other one joins up with it. 


@Adrift Dunno- couldn't find confirmed photos of the metal version's back. As far as I can tell, this mini only really received a lot of attention after the first KS. 


Just odd. He's an awesome mini, I saved him for later because I knew I would have a lot of fun working on him, but I need to wrap my head around this before I get too much further along for my own sanity I think.

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It's a Rope of Constriction that is slowly making it's way from his pouch on his belt up towards his neck to accomplish it's task.

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It's a Rope of Climbing! You just don't see the invisible halfling thief behind him who tossed it up on the brute to climb up his back and stab him in the neck!

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