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Crypt of the Everflame

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Taeral does his best to make his way to the front being unnoticed. But between his half stowed gear and the fact everyone is waiting on his arrival, his efforts are in vain. He says nothing, the heat can be felt from his blushing face. 

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Mayor Uptal scans the crowd dramatically. His gaze settles on the four adventurers...


"Ah, good! That is all of you. Now, who will have the honor of carrying the ceremonial lantern to the Crypt and back?"

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Khim looks between the other 3 then looks back to Morgrym. "Maybe Sareanrae's voice can bring back the light?"

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Mayor Uptal hands Morgrym the Lantern.

"Bring back the fire back to Kassen!"


He then hands you each a backpack containing 5 days of trail rations, a small tent, a winter blanket, a full waterskin, and a piece of The Trail Map that leads from Kassen to the Crypt of the Everflame.  A cart is wheeled up, and you are asked to distribute the following items amongst yourselves:
50 feet of hempen rope, a box of tinder, three tindertwigs, a labeled potion of Cure Light Wounds, three torches, a grappling hook, and a small bottle of the local brandy.


Mayor Uptal addresses the crowd:
"I present to you the brave heroes that will follow in Kassen's footsteps to retrieve the Everflame!  Some of them may not return, but I say to you that their sacrifice shall not be forgotten.  Go, brave heroes, and do not return until you have the eternal fire."

With that, the mayor points to the south, the direction of Kassen's tomb.  The townsfolk begin waving goodbye with cold, solemn looks on most of their faces.


OOC: Let me know if there is anything else you want to do before you leave.




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Khim looks all the way up to Taeral's face, bows and says "I welcome you as the Arctic fox welcomes the snow"

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Ooc: a small barrel of ale to celebrate would not be amiss... :)


Aloud: "we will return with the everflame!"


To the party: "Take what you can, I will shoulder the remainder".



Failing a cask of ale showing up in the Wagon, a stop for a pint wouldn't go amiss

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Oh, and while we're packing I discreetly throw a detect magic on the lamp, more out of curiosity than anything else. Not everyday you get to fondle a town artifact...


So to follow the rules in the gathering I have a 12 and a 15

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Khim turns to his fellow neophytes wondering if there is a time limit. The mayor mentioned none, but the fact that the trip to the Crypt should take 2 days, return trip 2 days, and there is only 5 days of rations suggests that they think that you can breeze through this adventure in a day.


OOC let me know if Taeral wants to try to live off the wild.


Morgrym does his best to polish up the lantern, and seems to say a prayer over the tarnished old silver lantern.


OOC It doesn't radiate any magic.


Morgrym stops for a gallon cask of ale on the way out of town. He plans to celebrate with his new comrades at some point during the adventure, and isn't sure brandy is this group's type of libation.


OOC two SP, "Mark it Off!" Is my old DM's saying when buying stuff or using consumables/ammunition. ;)

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got it and marked it off. :)  I also note that we left nothing behind in the wagon.  anything the others didn't pick up Morgrym did. 


OOC:  Dwarven cleric aka: party packmule and tank.

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