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Crypt of the Everflame


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Ok. Morgrym is up.

As it stands, left Orc took 2 dmg plus waiting for S.A. Dmg from Quigley and a bowshot from Taeral.

Center Orc took 8 dmg from Khim.


And Quigley took a bad wound from a javelin... So bad he began hallucinating something about the orcs not being real!

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Morgrym gives Quigley some of Sarenrae's healing goodness.


Then the orcs go. I guess they are using Falchions, not greataxes.


Left Orc moves up to Taeral.

Bonuses: +1 weapon focus, +3 STR

Penalty: dazzled -1, partial cover -2

D20 = 19, didn't back up the critical. total 20 dmg 2d4+4= 9!


Middle Orc retaliates against Khim

To hit 13 miss (thanks Light Sensitivity!)

Bleeds one more point. (-3).


Right Orc moves up and attacks Morgrym while snarling at Quigley as if to say "you're next!."

To Hit = 20 dmg 12 (yikes, Max)


Ok. Pretty hairy!

Still waiting for sneak attack damage from Quigley's first attack and Taeral's attack so that hopefully left Orc is actually down.

Taeral is heavily wounded. Quigley is lightly wounded. Khim is uninjured, and Morgrym is down.


Round 2 starts with Taeral.

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Taeral is pretty sure a couple of his ribs are broken. All his pained mind can think about is getting away. Using the tree as a screen Traeral runs as far as he can from the orcs. 


OOC Withdraw in a direction that puts the closest orc 60' from me. 

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Khim looks surprised for a moment, then says, "My friends, the orcs are like the moon when it is bigger on the horizon." Then khim turns his back on on the green skins, sits down cross legged, closes his eyes and takes slow, deep breaths.


End of turn.

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Morgrym stabilizes.


The orcs turn to end round 2:
The Left Orc sees Taeral withdraw.  He draws a javelin, throws it, Rolls a 19: +1 Dex, -1 Dazzled, -4 Range (2 Range Increments), -2 partial Cover, so he misses.  He puts his free hand back on his Falchion.  He bleeds another point, total damage 14, still being Ferocious.


Middle Orc takes a furious swing at Khim, who is sitting down giving the orc his back.

Hits, but the blow seems to go right through Khim without affecting him.

He bleeds another point (-4).


Right Orc looks around the bushes for Quigley, and can't spot him.  Still uninjured.


Round 3.

Taeral, start off with a will save, then declare your actions.  You saw something pretty weird with Khim there....

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