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Crypt of the Everflame


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The pain feels very real to Taeral. .


OOC Rolled a 5+1 for will.


There was a moment of doubt as the sword passed through Khim but he is too far away to see there is no wound.


Taeral moves circular around his companions keeping the orcs at the edge of his range. He focuses through the pain to draw another arrow, letting it fly at the orc pursuing him.



Attack roll 12+4

Damage 2

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Taeral snaps out of it and realizes the Orcs are illusions.

They all vanish.


A few moments later, your wounds reverse. Now everyone is at full health.


Taeral recovers one arrow. The other is broken. He also picks up his spear.

Quigley recovers his arrow.

A few moments later, Morgrym wakes up, woundless.

Morgrym is down one spell.


You gather your wits, hike for another hour and make camp.

Anything you want to do?

What is your order of watches?

You all gained 100xp

Sadly no treasure.

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I know it maybe too late but Morgrym would like to search the area for some clue about who sprung the illusion and when title was created (detect magic)


A 12 and a 14 if you nee them


Morgrym volunteers for the dawn shift, putts up his tent, and offers ale and rations to the party (did the pie survive?)

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After gathering his wits, Quigley rises from the brush.


"Well now, that was interesting. Illusions? I wonder if someone or something was trying to test us? Perhaps gather some information about us for a later encounter at the Crypts?"



At the campsite, I will remove what I need for the night from my pack & dig into a travel ration. "OH BOY!!"


"Morgrym, as I didn't have a chance earlier & I do now, thank you for the cure. That was a nasty hit even for a illusion."


"If no one has spoken I will take the mid-to dawn shift. I like the night, it likes me."

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Quigley, save the ration.

You have been traveling half speed so Taeral can forage for the whole party.

Watch schedule:

8p-11p Khim

11p-2a Taeral

2a-5a Quigley

5a-8a Morgrym.


OOC: Typically a day of travel is 8am to 12pm, break for lunch noon to 1pm, resume travel 1pm to 5pm. Make camp and fire and eat, care for gear and animals if needed from 5-8, then rest as above. Even though the AM watch from 5-8, it assumes characters wake up at 6 or 7 to prepare for travel.


Does this work for everyone?

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