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From the the Getting to know you better thread, here is the first mini I ever painted followed by the second and third attempts.

The first is a Mage Knight Metal Goblin Grenadier. Painted at the Mage Knight Paint n take at Gencon some 14 years ago.

post-7751-0-46119100-1415169499_thumb.jpg post-7751-0-11359400-1415169533_thumb.jpg

post-7751-0-44705600-1415169554_thumb.jpg post-7751-0-46678900-1415169596_thumb.jpg

They are all a little dusty from sitting on the shelf.

After that I tried Mithril Miniatures LoTR Goblin King

post-7751-0-27384200-1415169618_thumb.jpg post-7751-0-43990900-1415169632_thumb.jpg


Then I tried to paint Reapers 02259: Orc Warrior Of Kargir by Sandra Garrity


post-7751-0-19087000-1415169656_thumb.jpg post-7751-0-61799500-1415169671_thumb.jpg

post-7751-0-76758500-1415169706_thumb.jpg post-7751-0-13417700-1415169727_thumb.jpg


The last two did not turn out nearly as well as the first attempt likely do to using cheap plastic brushes (includind a Testors brush from a model car I had built) So I had very little ability to add detail. Also I had a much more limited selection of paints to use at home rather than at the paint n take at Gencon.

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Don't forget the Good, the Bad and the Fugly thread. There's lots of delightful old stuff on that one!

 True, I found the posting in that one quite freeing.  Like telling everyone if I can do improve as much as I have, all you newcomers out there should have no problems with all the help out there.

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