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1st basing experiments (and Beyond!)

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So this weekend the dwarfs story is going to get a BIG REVEAL: 

Before the campaign he was an underground patroller.  While out on assignment he was cursed, (to poop gold) by who he knows not. 

He has spent 9 game sessions covering his tracks, occasionally using the gold for spending or bribe money.

His companions don't know about it, but other dwarves have heard rumors about his secret stash of gold.  


There have also been 3 mentions of a rampaging red dragon, destroying towns, trying to break into the dwarf kingdom (and escaping) 

and last session that the dragon had been seen close to where the PCs are based, but not flying directly for any settlements. 

the dragons started way out of their league but the gap is narrowing..... 


Next session he is going to a training academy on top of a mountain, and training all winter to become a champion of the empire (level 5, of 10 possible in 13th age.) 

A silver dragon is running the academy.  One way or another he is going to notice the arrival of new gold.  If the dwarf doesn't tell him about it privately the dragon will bring it up in front of the group.  


After an inspection of the gold, Lord Silver will announce that the gold once belonged to a red dragon. 

I am pretty sure the party will make the deduction of which dragon is involved. 


the dragon btw is justifiably pissed by not only the loss of gold, but the daily arrival of dwarf poop.

The underground trickster (probably Fae) is still laughing. 

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Dried tea and coffee eh? Hrm... I will have to try this.


I like the way these look Evil Halfling! I need to force myself to do some basing as well! 

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Dried tea and coffee eh? Hrm... I will have to try this.


I like the way these look Evil Halfling! I need to force myself to do some basing as well!

Spices from your spice rack as well. Don't throw them out when they get old/stale, make them basing supplies instead!

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That rat looks amazing !

Great Job :)

Be careful of ub3r, he'll have you collecting everything thrown out

as basing material (which really isn't a bad thing); if you have the storage area.


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So the goal was this one was to convert an adorable looking Mice and Mystics figure - into a villain.

Skull from a Mage Knight Base, pile of gold by Earl Grey, and I am undecided if the red thing is a large gem, or chunk of raw meat.   



Sandworm - to be used in tomorrows game.  It may need a little work still (I would love suggestions) 

but the glue should be dry, and I'll hit it with a sealant tomorrow 


Revised Worm: 1/30/15






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restaurant quality sandworms. Don't see that every day  :;):



Yeah my players are going to get a kick out of that.  Although no one in the current party will touch a "restaurant quality worm"  

Warforged, herbivore (Minotaur), Imperial Courtesan and Dwarf (pictured above)  on a strict diet.  


Their previous party would have eaten it with gusto. 

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New Basing - 1st from bones 2, using green stuff and the concave bases. 

He will get his own show off thread when it is finished. 






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Good looking base. I'd say to try to smooth out the green stuff after you handle it with something smooth. I see your fingerprints in it. Also, try to get it uniform around the edges. You can do this part after it's cured though if you need to as it cuts pretty easily.

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      Several friends helpfully pointed out that before I started throwing wild ideas at Ma'al's base, I should probably practice them somewhere else first. That base is on my February list, so I gotta get practicing!
      - Completely covered giant base.
      - No integrated parts. I chopped 'em off.
      - Water with a "live" edge!
      - The first dragon I owned, blessed upon me by my first Box of Goodwill group, and a perfect fit for a Silversage dragon.
      - Plain, round, smaller base.
      - Rocks from his original base are staying.
      - Probably no water.
      - He's just plain cool. He's gonna be my Boelen's python!
      I used PVA glue to put the cork together, and hot glued everything to the bases. Thank you for your sacrifices, peanut butter and pickle lids!

      I fell in love with Paepercut's youtube channel after @Clearman mentioned it in my Ma'al thread. Y'all. That guy is SO COOL. The vast majority of the things I'll be doing here are from his videos. And if I don't think they are, they probably still are because I'm forgetful like that.   Onward!
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      So I'm going to be making a diorama for a friend soon. I have a pretty solid idea of what I want to do but no idea how to go about it. I've never worked with cork before and am going to be using quite a bit of it. I want to pour water effects(?) into it but don't want the cork to soak it up. My questions are (photos to be added below for reference):
      How do I seal the cork so it won't absorb the resin water effects? Do I need to seal the wood I am basing it on as well? If so what is the best way to do that? What is the best glue to put the cork on the wood, sealed or not?  
      How do I fix the small hairline cracks in the cork (not sure if they're visible in the picture)? Kind of related but what is the best glue for plastic to wood (I'm going to be putting the wood on top of a painted Tropicana lid)?  

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      I've made no secret about my opinions on Games Workshop. Though my painting box is full of their miniatures they were always bought second and sometimes third hand (I never wanted GW to get any of my money). Even my previous Cadians were bought from my local games store that has no affiliation with GW (I also know those sets and blisters came with the business when it was bought almost twenty years ago). Now I find myself in the unique position of building a Cadian army.
      My wife and I used to play weekly in D&D Adventure League but with the birth of our first child it looks like that won't be possible (We want to continue gaming at our current store but its a bit of drive and the kid is at the rolling stage so she doesn't want to be held or sit in her seat; she wants to be on the floor and we all know what gameshop floors are like). I've offered to watch the child so she can go or to switch off each week but she only wants to go together. Gaming together has always been part of our relationship, and she doesn't want to lose that. I couldn't agree more, its good to share a hobby with your spouse.
      That's when our friends started trying to recruit us to play Warhammer 40K with them. At first I was resistant but our friends get together often to play and in our area its always possible to find a game (Depending on the size it can be played fairly quickly in comparison to D&D too). After some discussion we decided 40K would give me something to paint, but it would also give us both something to play and eventually something to play together.
      Which brings us to this new project. Since I figured watching me assemble miniatures would be pretty boring I'm starting this thread right before I prime them. So here is most of my assembled starter set (I've got quite a few cheap sets of bits arriving over the next couple weeks and I'm not exactly sure what unit I'd like to create next so that's why I have so many unfinished figures).
      I'm still not a big fan of GW but having an excuse to see our friends more often is pretty nice. In a way we're kinda trading one gaming group for another (that sounds pretty mean but I think you understand what I'm saying).
    • By wickedshifty
      I painted this guy and he seemed like a real ambitious little skeleton. So I had a base I had started for a different project, but ultimately decided not to use, and he seemed worthy and I liked the rocks he came standing on anyways...

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