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Zombie diorama Wedding Cake Toppers


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It's been a little while since I posted up some of the zombie wedding cake toppers I make.  So here are a couple more- they're more or less standard, except that the first one has the zombies designed to be interacting with the bride and groom a little more than we normally make them (usually, they're separate and climbing/shambling on the cake, while here they're definitely being attacked by the bride and groom).


Anyway, here are some sets I've made lately:





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You know, I have to wonder where these weddings are.


I've shipped them lots of places.  Mostly to English speaking countries (US, Canada, UK and Australia) but not exclusively (sent some to Italy, France, Spain and the like- mostly western Europe- but again, not exclusively).  


I've probably sent one to every US and Canadian state by now.  I should have been keeping track with a map.

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You definitely seem to be the go-to person for zombie fighter wedding cake toppers.


Yeah, I think that google has me down as that.


I've done some really out there ones too- sometimes people send me pictures of their role-playing characters (either tabletop or vidoegame) to match.  That's been pretty groovy too.


But zombies are still #1.

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