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Lone Wolf - The Board Game (Kickstarter)

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You are Lone Wolf, the last of the Kai Lords. Or perhaps you are Prince Pelathar, heir to the throne of Sommerlund. Or maybe you are the infamous Giak warrior Kootak, sent by the Darklords to raze the land. Now you can be all of these . . . in a hand-painted tabletop wargame.




Lone Wolf came to life as a fantasy gamebook series first published in the 1980's written by Joe Dever and illustrated by Gary Chalk. Joe and Gary collaborated on the first eight gamebooks before going their own ways.


Gary Chalk's influence is known across literature and gaming. As an artist, he specializes in children’s and fantasy illustration, bringing light to such beloved series as Redwall. He also illustrated and created components for games such as HeroQuest, Talisman, and 1st edition Space Hulk, and created full games including Cry Havoc, Battlecars (with Ian Livingstone) and the recent Gun Dogs app (with Jamie Wallis).


And 30 years ago Gary Chalk designed his own wargame/board game version of Lone Wolf. Today, after much playtesting and revision, he would like to ask your support in bringing you the Battle for Magnamund, also known as Lone Wolf - The Board Game.
















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The Good: The look is very much a throwback to the 80s.

The Bad: The look is very much a throwback to the 80s.


Obviously I'm conflicted. While the retro charm is a good fit, this is one franchise where I'd be really curious to see a more modern artistic take.

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Hello, this is Richard S. Hetley, one of the people running this project.  We saw a referral log from here and I'm grateful that you'd start a thread for us!


Yes, the 1980's history is important, and the project definitely appeals to older sensibilities.  The Lone Wolf franchise has expanded in many directions, and there are multiple other Lone Wolf games right now with "a more modern artistic take."  But the classic artists like Russ Nicholson and Leo Hartas are still alive, and they've had decades to improve their art.  If you like this sort of art at all:




. . . then this board game project is beautiful.


The miniatures topic is a big one.  But think of this: "replacing" full-color high-detail 2-D paintings from a world-famous high-demand artist. . . makes no business sense.  If it were only a lightly-sketched draft handed to the 3-D sculptor, then yes, that would be business.  But the artist created the game!  The whole thing!  So see that last paragraph: we're looking for those who like this sort of art, and there certainly are people in the world who keep coming back to Gary Chalk's work.


Anyway, very glad to see there's interest!  I hope some of you'll will find something to your liking, or perhaps share the link with friends if you know someone else who would.

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Our project is approaching the halfway mark in the campaign, and, thanks to backers and supporters like you, the halfway mark in funding!  If you haven't looked yet, here's something new that might be of interest:


Do you know the Redwall series?


How about the board game Cry Havoc?




The creator Gary Chalk is releasing his first-ever artbook as an add-on reward, compiling 120+ pages of work from Redwall, Lone Wolf (of course), and the other classic worlds he's illustrated.  It's the first compilation that fans of these worlds have ever seen.


This is available with or without the connected Lone Wolf board game so people can choose what they want: it's one of many things on offer to boost funding and we're glad to provide it separately.  (And, yes, shipping is already in the price.)


We're still running until December 5.  Please consider pledging!




If you're not interested yourself, but perhaps know someone else who might be, please spread the word.  Any support will help Gary continue to bring new creative projects to life!

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Oh jeez, that artwork really takes me back. The game doesn't quite seem to be what I'm looking for, I'm mostly into RPG's and painting miniatures for use in those, but I hope it gets funded. It looks quite cute.


So what's the cheapest way to get that one $8 mini? Can you pledge at the $1 level and do add-ons?

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Thanks, you two!  Yes, Trodax: just select the $1 level but set your pledge amount at $8.  You don't have to "add the $1 pledge" and get $9 or anything.

It's interesting you should mention painting miniatures.  Gary loves to do that, too, but of course the project is in 2-D and pre-made.  And we're getting a few people saying "Yeah, painting miniatures is great, but I'll never finish the ones I have; nice to get a finished product for once."

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Hello, all.  Lone Wolf - The Board Game is into its final week with over 2/3 of its funding goal.  Now is the time we most need your help to bring this game to life!


If you don't know what's so interesting about one fantasy world out of many, I wrote an essay that's turned out popular:




It's more than just a board game on offer.  We posted about Gary Chalk's artbook before (covering classics like the Redwall series), and we're also offering Autumn Snow, a new official gamebook spin-off of the original Lone Wolf gamebooks.  Since the 1980's, gamers wondered about female "Kai Lords," and the question remained mostly unanswered since Lone Wolf was the last to survive: now Autumn Snow will burst onto the scene!




(Edit: We've made a retraction here.  The project will not include any board game content based on Autumn Snow, but will include her gamebook as stated.)


But the opportunity will be gone after December 5, so please take a look, share your thoughts, share the project, and pledge if you can:




Thank you yet again!

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. . . And DONE!  We've finished the campaign for Lone Wolf - The Board Game with full funding and one unlocked stretch goal, all thanks to folks like you.  Thank you very much for your ear, support, and/or patience as we spread the word about this campaign.  Now we begin the work that your money makes possible.


If you're coming across this thread for the first time, you may find more information on the official page:




A proper website will be set up there once the game goes on general sale, which we hope to be no later than November 2015.


Thanks for an exciting and successful month.  Onward!

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