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Cyber troll


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Ok just got the cyber troll mini for a shadowrun game, great mini. Just one thing. It would have been nice to get a 40 mm base with it as the miniature doesn't fit on the 30 mm that comes with it.I am a rather resorceful mini panter I can find what I need, I had a few 40mm bases kicking around but it is rather bothersome that I had to come up with my own base on a mini that cost 12$ already.

I know this isn't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things but it's the little things that pop up over and over again from reaper that give me pause. I find that the only way anyone will know anything about it is if someone says something. so here it is. I don't have issue with this so much but if I was lazy and just wanted a miniature I could glue together and toss on a table I would be a little ticked. Sadly for many people this is the case. 

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Yeah, even the studio version of him Martin did is on a 40mm square. Caine's a big dude. ::):





You wouldn't know who design this mini, would you?? :ph34r:  ^_^


Winner of the Reaper Con 2011 DYOM Auction; design by Wayne Reynolds


Shakandara was the winner of that auction and designer of this figure.

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