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A while ago I bought Sarah the Seeress to represent one of the PCs in a D&D game I'm in.  So far I've painted minis to represent every other PC in the game and our poor cleric has been using the only unpainted mini.  This needs to be rectified. 


The requirements are that the character is blonde with green eyes, reasonably wealthy and needs to be wearing clerical robes that are red with black accents.  I've got a good start on the face & hair and I've base coated the clothing.  Now come the tricky elements, in particular how do I make that lace trim look right in black?  Normally I'd paint it grey and then highlight it with white to make white lace, but I'm really not sure how to accomplish that with black.  I feel like if I painted it a dark black and then tried to highlight with charcoal it would not look quite right.  Any suggestions??



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Purple, blue, or purple-blue would probably be best to highlight the black. You can also use this in conjunction with grey, such as armor grey or ash grey by mixing the two. It's not easy stuff to highlight, and I don't really have any useful advice beyond the above and to build it up slowly until you think it feels right.

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More items base coated.  I think her hair is pretty much done, but her face needs a lot of smoothing. I didn't really feel up to tackling the lace trim, but I'm thinking that perhaps I'll paint it black and highlight it with gunmetal.  Sort of more of a brocade embroidery edging, the character is from a wealthy background and can justify fancier robes. 


I plan to paint the netted globe at her hip as one of those old fishing floats. It doesn't really make sense to paint it like the crystal ball it's probably intended to be, so I'm going to pretend it's some sort of magic item or relic.  (Maybe some sort of alchemical thing that you throw?)  It's base coated in Peacock Green to try and avoid making it look all Christmas-y.  The ocean triad I picked up recently will likely also get some use. 



Here's most of the base coat stuff done, not too many touch-ups required.



So far I have to say that either this is a very well-sculpted mini with very few difficult to reach spots or I'm actually getting better brush control.  So far I've spent very little time doing touch-ups, I used to spend half of my time just fixing my own mistakes!

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If you google black lace you'll see that it's very dull and just sucks up light. It doesn't reflect light and won't have a highlight like hard surfaces or shiny leather.  Black with a slight charcoal highlight would work just fine.  You want to get some red paint under that area, and drybrush the black over it very delicately to get the lace effect. 

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I have no idea what she's carrying, but one of the party members likes to craft alchemical items so I'm treating it like it's some sort of alchemical bomb, I guess! 


It's hard to get time to paint on the weekends, but I'm going to try out Inarah's suggestion and use Big Top Red to start shading the dress and basecoat under the lace.  I'm just not sure when I'll get enough quiet time to do that, the kids have a 4 day weekend.  :wacko:

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So time is ticking away on the deadline to get this little lady done, and she's starting to look pretty good, if not amazing. (Next session is Thanksgiving weekend, and I want her done by then.) 



post-12219-0-13010900-1416700795.jpg post-12219-0-59432200-1416700807.jpg


The Good:

Using Pumpkin Orange to paint the trim on the tasseled belt pouch worked pretty well.  The lace looks okay as well, I think. 


The Okay And/Or I Think I Can Handle It:

The shadows on the dress aren't showing up in the pictures, and I'm going to do a little highlighting on it still.  Her hands are also in need of some touch-ups and I think I missed the belt-buckle.  The base will be getting a little green dry-brushed on the dirt and some flocking so that those black boots stand out a bit more. 


The Not-So Good:

I tried highlighting the glass globe but I'm not sure how well it's really working.  Not sure if a mid-tone glaze would help or if I should mix some clear green & metallic medium to give it a little shimmer. Plus I still need to paint the netting on it.  Hopefully I can sort that out and make it look okay. 

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