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Heay all, with the CAV KS done and the EB specials soon to be delivered (YAY!!!!!) I'm just keeping my brush warm till they arrive. The HG KS is in full swing and doing great so I figured I had better get some faction schemes laid down in the meantime.


Threw this one together the other night. Camo is admittedly not my strong suite but I think I can develop this into a very eye catching force scheme. Maybe less 'worn and torn' next time though, lol.






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    • By rdubois
      We just launched our Heavy Gear Blitz Utopia Armed Forces Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter at 7:02 pm EST today (January 17th, 2018). The Kickstarter campaigns initial goal is to raise $30,000 CAD (about 23K USD) needed to make the plastic injection mold for the new plastic miniatures and backer rewards. The campaign will run for 17 days ending on Saturday evening at 7:02 pm EST (February 3rd, 2018). We need everyone's support to make these new plastic miniatures for the Utopia faction a reality and if you can share news of the Kickstarter with friends and the online community it would be a great help.
      We have a great Captain Reward Level at $70 CAD (about $53.85 USD) that includes a Utopia Patch and 3 squads (Strike, Recce, and Support) with a total of 18 plastic miniatures. Stretch Goals, once unlocked, will increase the total to 36 plastic miniatures. Plus higher reward levels add the new MAR-DK drone (resin model) and the large Gilgamesh Command Tank (resin model); see below for artwork and details. Treat yourself to a New Army for the New Year, by clicking on the image above or the link below!

    • By Cranky Dog
      Until recently, Reaper had a Heavy Gear Blitz paint set with its own unique colors.
      Originally, I wanted to buy it from a Canadian online game store, but they didn't have it in stock anymore. So I searched Reaper's site yesterday, it was nowhere to be found.
      Is Reaper still producing this particular paint set?
    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      This has been a while in the making, going back to Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets) when I was 3 or 4....
      Anyway, I've invested "a bit" in "a couple" of big stompy robot kickstarters over the last few years.
      Over the last year a few parts of a couple of them have arrived, and recently I've had the urge to get started on painting some of them.

      Here are a few of the bots to paint.  You see the early bird Ace from the Bones CAV kickstarter (in white), and the Bonus add-ons to the Wave 1 portion of the Palladium Robotech RPG Tactics kickstarter (in grey (Zentraedi) and brown/beige (UEDF)).
      I've also get Heavy Gear Blitz coming at some point.
      Oh and I do have the Oathsworn robots too...hmmm
      And I wouldn't be surprised if there are some others I've completely forgotten about.
      Oh, like the limited edition convention Robotech figs coming.....
      So as you can see, there are a few very different manufacturing techniques here (Bones, hard plastic, resin and metal so far), and ,from what I've looked at, painting bots is a bit different, so I'm going to go through the process and see how they come out.
      As I'm currently painting some bugbears and working on my fall exchange, my first steps with these will be assembling so regult battle pods and watching videos on painting bots.
      If anyone has any links on bot painting or suggestions on assembling these Robotech (like superglue vs plastic glue...) please feel free to post here.
      I'm also undecided on the realistic vs cartoony painting of the robotech stuff....thoughts?
    • By BrandonKF
      Caveat. I am a complete amateur.
      That being said, I decided to throw up a little how-to-assemble post on my blog for the Visigoth here:
      So I have been doing some painting on the finished model and thought I might share here.
      https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/15960540965/
      https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/15340923813/
      https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/15958571761/
      https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/15959891152/
      Hope those links work for everyone. It is my Flickr account, but due to the picture size I don't want to overload everyone's modems. :)
      Edit: Here is a link to the last stage of camouflage I reached.
      https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/15959887962/
      God bless!
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