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Relic Knights Darkspace Iron Chef

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Here is Darkspace Iron Chef, aka “Solid Chef†or “Solid Snack†for Relic Knights. In the Relic Knights lore, occasionally versions of characters from alternate dimensions show up in the Last Galaxy. In this case, Iron Chef (who normally fights for the Star Nebula Corsairs [space pirates]) instead works as a special operative for Black Diamond [space mercenaries].  For scale, Solid Chef sits on a 50mm base. 


dsc05413.jpg?w=240&h=300 dsc05417.jpg?w=240&h=300 dsc05420.jpg?w=240&h=300 dsc05423.jpg?w=240&h=300


The primary colors are various shades of grey, matching the rest of my Black Diamond rank and file. In order of darkest to lighest: VMC German Grey, RMS Armor Grey (there's not much of this), VMC Basalt Grey, RMS Rainy Grey. The primary component of his fur is RMS Chestnut Gold.


I’m very happy with how the carrots came out, but I am most proud of his eyes.  They are fairly large and I was able to get dks eyes going on and he doesn’t look too walleyed.  I used the same matte vanish as on my Black Dragons but didn’t spray from so far away, which has eliminated most of the graininess.

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That is cute and bizarre. So he's a hexapodal ... cat ... thing?


The positioning of his tail threw me for a bit. From the back it looked like it should have been long and visible from the side view. But of course it's lizardy and held close, yes?

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Well executed! Did you use Pumpkin Orange on the carrots?


Nope, I didn't put in an order during October.  Let me check my notes here... I put down a Palomino Gold undercoat, then used HD Fireball Orange.  I knew that orange directly over dark grey was going to be painful, so I used a good covering light color underneath - Palomino Gold, though pure white would probably have worked just as well.


That is cute and bizarre. So he's a hexapodal ... cat ... thing?


The positioning of his tail threw me for a bit. From the back it looked like it should have been long and visible from the side view. But of course it's lizardy and held close, yes?


Yep.  The rulebook says he's a Marmod, and gives some nice fluff about how they are laid back and can eat basically anything, so it's doubly unusual for one to join up with pirates and then become their cook.  And sometimes he forgets that just because it's edible to him, doesn't mean it's edible to everyone else.  The standard version wields two large chef's knives and a giant frying pan.  While dressed in an armored chef's coat and hat.  (The game doesn't take itself too seriously)

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Amazing job; you really nailed the "anime" look!  I'm still cleaning up some Relic Knight models, and haven't quite figured out how best to approach them to maintain the "clean" cell shaded look.

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