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Here's a quick and slightly nasty photo of some sweet sweet resin mecha. The Big guy there has some fairly bad blemishes on his left leg, but the rest was beautiful. All the weapons are modular and available individually, so might be worth a look for conversions, find 'em at Gangfight Games.



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Here are two configurations of the Mechadrome Light Mechs, right next to an old Infranite BAP from the Legions of Steel game.

I think that the metal is a Dave Summers (sp?) sculpt, and it's one of my favourite sci-fi models of all time.


These guys are getting incorporated into my Human (UNE) army from the same universe, as a licensed knock-off of the highly esteemed BAP.


In the fluff from the original game, UNE got a lend-lease of several BAPs. Much less claustrophobic than the UNE equivalent, which is basically oversized power armour, hence, skin-tight; these you can sit in.

So to my mind the UNE are now making their own light mech (rather than ultra heavy powered armour). As you can see, the Mechadrome Light actually looks quite plausible as a human/industrial version of the more tribal Infranite equipment.


I am statting it up for Defiance: Vital Ground as an ulta-light "anime" mech frame, making it a vehicle. The older human assault armour will remain Infantry. So these just fit perfectly into the army I already have.


I plan to cross-post these photos over at the Legions of Steel forum: http://los.turtleshellprod.com/



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And here's the "Medium", which, as you can see, is a pretty big piece of hardware. Later this week I'll get him next to the Bigtator.


I'll throw him into the same army, I think, as an experimental up-sizing of the borrowed "BAP" tech, although the UNE already HAVE bigger mech, all in metal, no less. pics of him to come, too.





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You can see here the extensive blemishes on the legs of the Medium. Still an amazing buy at the KS price, and decent at the full retail price, but here's hoping they eventually rework the moulding. Still, no major undercasting, it can all be filled.


Up higher you can see quite a bit of flash under one of the light mechs. This was very easy to remove, and the light mech castings are very good.

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