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Confederate Lieutenant


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I started on a new project the other day, this 54mm ACW Confederate Lieutenant from Pegaso Models.  It's not my normal area of interest, but my dad is a big civil war buff so I occasionally paint a figure for him.  He was visiting this past week and brought me this kit.  He'd picked it up at a toy soldier show for $5 and I offered to paint it.  He's holding an old tattered flag in his left hand, so that should be a fun freehand project.


I started out with the face and put down a base coat for most of his uniform.  Then I painted a simple pattern on his shirt.  This isn't as difficult as it looks.  Just lightly sketch in a grid pattern doing your best to keep the spacing consistent between the lines and the lines perpendicular to each other.  It can be trickier when there are a lot of folds but just do your best to make it look right.  Then I alternate between the darker and lighter colors filling in the boxes.  On the first pass I'll do all the dark ones, but just a rough fill.  Then the light.  Then I'll go back over and sharpen up the edges and corners.  I'll make some small mistakes but I just go back with the other color and correct them.  Keep going back and forth until you're happy with how it all looks.  After that I took a first stab at shading the grey coat.  It's a bit rough in places so I'll be going back over it to adjust some of the blends and shadows.



Here's a closer look at his face.  I used the same basic process as I did with the Saxon.  You can look here if you want to see a SBS



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