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CAV: SO Friday Feature [11/14/2014]


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Welcome to this week’s Friday Feature!



Today the focus is on aircraft so I’ve included the two from the CAV: SO Kickstarter…


The Terran Tsuiseki


Tsuiseki PDF




The Rach Kraken


Kraken B PDF



Here is a piece of interior art highlighting an Adonese dropship and its fighter escort under attack by the Rach.





People have been asking lots of questions about how to paint their minis when they show up so I thought this week I would discuss how the armies in CAV: SO decide that same question. First, a brief description of the technology being used:


Adaptive Thermal Camouflage

Adaptive thermal camouflage is used on aircraft, CAVs, vehicles, and even powered armor to help them blend into their surroundings more naturally. Thousands of small, interlocking panels make up the outer “skin†of a system using this technology, and can be rapidly heated and cooled to match the outside temperature or mimic the thermal signature of another object, such as a small car or a rock. These panels are also treated with a special polymer containing paramagnetic iron oxide that can be programmed to project any color or pattern on a system’s exterior. By using an electric current to adjust the spacing of the oxide’s crystals, the level of light reflection is affected and thus influences the color or design a person sees.


Excerpted from The Technology of War (2269), Dr. Theodore Wynn, ArSa Press, Vega


As a result a pilot can quickly choose whatever design they wish to display in any type of environment. As we do write-ups on a specific unit, the base “parade colors†will be provided if you choose to be more specific. Hope that helps!


See you next week!

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This is interesting. I tried making the Kraken in the CAV Construction Program before you posted and was pretty off. But I don't seem to be able to match the card shown even afterwards. Maybe someone can walk me through it?


The two Light MACs are 1 Hard Point each. The pylon is 0.5, and the two Light GMs are 1 HP each. Targeting Comp 2 is 1.5 HPs. That would make a total of 6 HPs, right? I've got it set to Aircraft, Attack, and the only way I can get the program to give enough HPs is by using a Damage Track of 6, and that gives a Thread Value of 331. Even then, it complains that I've got a Weapon / SA Ratio that is too high (5/4).


I can move the Damage Track back to 4, and get the Armor Value, Damage Control, and Threat Value to match (3, 4, & 207), but then it seems there's too many HPs.


What am I missing here? Some Konami code that'll allow it to be just a little bit better?

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