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Special Edition Paints


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You have all the 11 that I own in your chart (plus a half dozen or so that I don't).


Not counting the three sample colors I have, of course.


Yeah, I tried to make him patches for all of them that I had.  I know I don't have all of the limited edition paints though (an example being the one given out at RAC recently).  But I had all others given out since last Christmas to make patches for.

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This is the list I compiled. It's possible I have 9654 and 9656 and just failed to spot them when scanning my shelves, but I'm not remembering any paints not listed here, so if those exist (and I think they must), I didn't manage to snag them. 9651 is the earliest one I recall receiving. It was a specially mixed batch of a discontinued Pro Paint colour that a 2D artist uses extensively and requested to buy from Reaper. The remaining quantity of that batch was battled as a special edition paint.


My bottle of Breast Cancer Awareness pink does not have a number on the label, nor do I see a number in the promo picture for this year's Ghoulie Bag give-away of that colour. 


9650   (I cannot confirm if the sequence starts here or at 9651)

9651   Hallowed Orange (I believe this is the same colour as first series Pro Paint 8050 Hawkwood)

9652   Sophie Silver (metallic)

9653   Deadrose Red HD 


9655   Bubblegum Pink


9657   Faded Black

9658   Christmas Wreath

9659   Ginger Cookie

9660   Powderburn Brown

9661   Pirate Gold (metallic)

9662   Clouded Sea (reprint of discontinued 9194)

9663   Big Top Red

9664   Carnival Purple

9665   Clockwork Brass (metallic)

9666   Desert Sky

9667   Rattlesnake Leather

9668   Cactus Flower

9669   Reptilian Green

9670   Pumpkin Orange

9671   Golden Glow

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