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Secret Sophie 2014 CHATTER THREAD!!


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Guess I should throw this in:


Coffee /grinder: not a coffee drinking.  I like tea (stuff with actual tea in it  :poke: )
Sophies: Have the more recent ones, someday I might have the skill with flesh tones to paint them....
Mouselings: Only have the ones from the last two ReaperCons, haven't tried painting them. They are very tiny....
Nudity: It's all good
Allergies: No real food allergies, strong dislike of coconut. Note that I'm diabetic, but my wife loves chocolate. ::): 
Halloween specials: I was only able to get the first week's and the RAC ones.
Chibies: Cute, but not something I'm big into.
Paints/paintbrushes etc: can always use more!
Bones/resin/metal: I ordered, well, everything from Bones KS1, so have lots of the core stuff.  Monsters and such from the addons would be cool though, or metals or resin.

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