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Secret Sophie 2014 CHATTER THREAD!!


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Got my Reaper order in yesterday morning. My recipient's gift(s) should be on the way to me soon. And then on the way to the recipient!



Serious question:


Since this is a gift-giving event coinciding with Christmastime, is it safe to assume that no one will be offended should I get all wild 'n' crazy and actually wrap the gift, prior to mailing of course, in seasonally appropriate paper?

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LoL, not too awesome; I'll probably make the wife do it. I can't wraps good!



I started to qualify that the wrapping paper'd likely be secular in theme, but it occurred to me that some people also find that offensive. I know everyone here's a pretty easygoing bunch, but still, having been to Beekeepers, I know there are some lines. :wacko::unsure::huh:^_^

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Or find generic geeky wrapping paper? I have christmas star wars paper...which is really just star wars paper that's mainly red and green... MERRY SITHMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD BLIGHT!

...I'll probably patronize FLGS for my SS recipient...since 12 days of reaper wont be soon enough.

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