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Secret Sophie 2014 CHATTER THREAD!!


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I just opened a box of AWESOMENESS from SGHawkins!


Inside the box was another box (a pretty Christmas box :D)! And inside that box was:


-Peppermint cocoa (yay!)

-Several small containers of basing supplies + some metal bits (for terrain?) - thank you, my stash of basing supplies is pretty much nonexistent :)

-A cute little bag of Lindt milk/white chocolate truffles (yummy!)

-Gingerbread spice cookies (I'm eating one right now, they're SUPER tasty!)

-A bottle of Sparkling Amethyst and Ruby Red Reaper paint (how did you know I needed more reds? lol :D)

-An adorable green kitty ornament

- Two Reaper figures: Gars Necka, Mercs and Maralise Moonscythe, Druid (they both look like they'll be really fun to paint!)

- A small MYSTERY Minecraft figure... *opens box* Eee, I got Steve wearing gold armor!

- And two BEAUTIFULLY painted Reaper figures, complete with lovely basing: Lini, Iconic Gnome Druid and her big kitty companion!


Thank you VERY VERY much! I love everything!  :wub:


Pictures to follow when I find my camera!



--OneBoot :D

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Thank god you got it. I seriously think USPS's goal with this package was to drive me insane. I had a lot of fun putting the box together and painting the miniatures.


The little metal bits are some brass etch pieces that can be used for a conversion or on a base.

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I got my box o goodness from Robin H today!


Two wonderful painted minis:


-a badass dwarf with axe & shield.


-a really wicked wizard with an awesome magical scroll who will be starring as an npc villain in one of my 5E D&D campaigns


Three unpainted bones minis- can't have too many !


Some MSP paints-oiled leather, emerald green, sparkling blue, sparkling amethyst, and ruby red


Some neat blast from the past Ral Partha Dragonscale metallic wax rub on colors. Can't wait to experiment with those.


An assortment of yummy treats: syrup, maple butter, blueberry jam, and a Mackintosh's toffee bar.  We are going to make waffles Christmas morning and use that syrup.


A lovely Christmas card.


Thank you SO much.


This weekend I plan on getting pics taken of the minis and taking time with a magnifying glass to read and decipher the cool runes on that wizard's scroll.

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Finally got my mini cleaned up and ready to be primed tonight. It arrived Friday and I didn't get the chance this weekend.


I have the rest of the stuff already in the box. I hope to be done with the mini in time to get shipped out Wednesday or Friday. Don't hold me to that though.

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Ohhhhh pretty loots!


I've got my fingers x'd that my stuff from reaper arrives today - else I will be on holiday and won't get my Reaper box till after the New Years... which will also be fun... but I have plans for one part of my box on my base.....

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