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Secret Sophie 2014 CHATTER THREAD!!


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Had a great Christmas Eve dinner!...Went to the Christmas tree and opened my two Secret Sophie boxes!


I was delighted with these miniature figures and they will find their way into my work(s) at some future project and time!


I want to express my heartfelt thanks to ub3r (here in Las vegas) and John (from Boone, NC) for these outstanding miniature figures!...Photo #1 shows the miniatures I received from John...Photo #2 shows the miniatures I received from ub3r!


I want to wish both of these members...as well as all the other members of this wonderful site...a very safe and festive holiday season...a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!...I also want to wish any and all members who have loved ones serving in the military and can not be home...a special and safe greeting and thank you for your wonderful service to our country!


Paul (Catdancer)

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I got mine just before the holiday.  I've been busy with family and work but I finally had time this morning:




My SS even wrapped them in wrapping paper before sending them out!  I've been dying for Charon for a long time and, seriously, this really made a tough week all better when I opened him.  The Lich King is going to make an excellent addition to my ever growing undead army.  I am so glad I decided to jump in on this again this year.  Thank you so much!

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I got a package today! It had a mummy with a cool base on it. Some itty bitty bricks and pieces cork (?), 3 boxes of tea (includes a favorite combo of mine), tree bark, hot cocoa (hazelnut and raspberry), a mummy lord (looks interesting), Bones Night Spectre, and a  Bones Spirit. Some bases that look like various types of stone, which is really cool as we were just discussing how I should rebase a couple of minis I am working on. 


And chocolates! Can't forget those. Now I can't wait to finish some of these minis to rebase them. Plus i need to figure out how I use  some of the basing supplies as I have never used them before. This will be fun. Also I need another container for basing supplies now which makes it even more fun!

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Alright. Here we go. A nice long post with pictures. I don't know yet who sent them as there was no note and also it looks they put a real last name on. I know they live in Arkansas though (How my mom thought AR stands for Arizona I'll never know).


And here are the photos:








In case you don't know what tree bark looks like:


And the yummies. I have close ups of them, but didn't to load up even more pics for this thread.



I absolutely adore the aging patina effect on all the gold. Its just about how I have seen gold age. I have many pretties to paint and to touch up. A couple minis in the background will wind up in the show-off thread as I just need to do a few touch ups and sealing. Not seen on the the painting desk is the mini for my SS and the one Tesk put on to have me look over with my younger eyes for her SS.

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Tracking says my package has been delivered!!  Woohoo!!  ^_^






THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK you thank you thank you thank you!


*cough* There is went. Thank you, LB! What an amazing SS treat! Pictures will be taken and posted, hopefully, tomorrow. I am under the weathers, right now.


But for now very very very much THANK YOU, LB!

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