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Secret Sophie 2014 CHATTER THREAD!!


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Oh crap... I realized I forgot to take a picture of the finished mini.  I don't want to unpack everything, so I will just hope my partner takes pictures.


Update: I couldn't stand it, and opened it back up to take pictures.  I also forgot to throw in a note with my forum name, so that's a second good reason to repack it.

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I received my package from Siri today!  It contained several bones, a painted dragon and a siri drawing!  Once I can set up my paint area again I can get pictures if Siri doesn't have any.


Yay dragon!


I hope you like him!


I do have a few pictures I took of him. Probably not the greatest, but here's one i have. I had named him Nethdavarr


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I just received package #2 from Tallghost!


Good stuff here. I got a cute little dwarven lass and her two stone golem guardians!  Enclosed was a cool story about the minis and their importance in defense of the dwarven colony.


Enclosed with the minis was a lump of coal. Coal candies that is!  I just tried one, they are delicious.


Thanks Tallghost!

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