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The (Un)Usual Suspects: A Rogues' Gallery WIP


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A rogues gallery (or rogues' gallery) is a police collection of pictures or photographs of criminals and suspects kept for identification purposes. The term is also used figuratively for any group of shady characters or the line-up of "mugshot" photographs that might be displayed in the halls of a dormitory or workplace.



That's what Wikipedia tells me, in no uncertain terms. So, here it is. I have a large selection of miniatures that would make excellent Rogues (or Thieves, for us old schoolers), and I mean to get them painted.


First up, we have a trio of Bushido minis for another Were-Fox character concept. A seductress, who's no stranger to fighting:


Saki, Kitsune, and Fox Form:






Next, is the amazing Dark Sword Female Assassin:






Next up Eskin, Male Rogue:






Then Vesper-On's The Duke:







Gretchen vonKonigsmark from Raging Heroes will make an appearance as a gun-toting rogue:






Along with Jirelle, Iconic Swashbuckler:






And the Master Harlequina from Klockenbooty Freebooter Miniatures:






Also making an appearance, once I get her in hand, is Lenore from Hasslefree. Not a rogue by description, she will be painted as one (and probably my favorite Thief of all time):








You know the rules, anything goes! On with the show!

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I will definitely be watching this one. I really enjoy rogue figures, they speak to me and I end up buying quite a few to paint later on.

I, too, have an affinity for Rogues. They're my favorite class. I highly recommend all of these minis for use as Rogues.


EDIT: Not that I'm biased, or anything.

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Downloaded a bunch of reference pictures:









And did some work on the bases for the first set:




The bamboo is basecoated in GW Tausept Ochre (now Balor Brown). The sand is basecoated in GW Dheneb Stone (now Rakarth Flesh). The leather straps were basecoated in Reaper Ruddy Leather. The whole thing was given a sepia wash. The sand was drybrushed in Dheneb Stone, and I've started highlighting and giving a grain to the bamboo with Tausept Ochre.


The stone that the fox is standing on was basecoated in GW Stormvermin Fur, washed in black, then drybrushed with Stormvermin Fur, and again with P3 Cryx Bane Highlight. The sand and stone are done, the bamboo and leather still have some work needed.


I am taking other suggestions for the Kimono and dress, if anyone has any.

EDIT: 30mm SW Asian Garden bases courtesy of Siri.
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It's like, you want advice on clothing without telling us what these ladies look like!  How can we possibly choose a nice outfit??

Think "Japanese." Honey-brown skin and black hair for the full-human form, and fox coloration for the middle form, but the clothes need to be the same. The only thing that's solid in my mind is the cherry blossom pattern. the color is up for debate, though. I'm leaning towards black/pink or pink/white. (All silk, of course.)


I'll take recommendations from those with more fashion sense than me, though. To me "high fashion" means my NICE Doctor Who t-shirt and less torn jeans.

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