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Weirwood (AKA Heart Tree)

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+1 to this.  I would never pour molten lead into the ground.  I have a family, and my house is on well water... I stay away from leaded alloys even pouring into proper molds on account of the toxic fumes.


Casting metal is really fun, but there are dangers involved for sure, and not all of them involve getting badly burned.  Please do your homework first if anyone is thinking about trying this sort of thing! 


For the record, my castings so far are all done in A356 cast aluminum sourced from used car parts, mostly old wheels from cars people didn't own anymore and put up for sale cheap online.  But I am currently gearing up to start casting bronze; I have built a new melting furnace that is capable of reaching bronze (and even cast iron!) pouring temperatures, but I still need to make some tongs and a pouring shank for handling the new silicon carbide bonded graphite crucible I got for Christmas (I can get away with a welded steel pipe crucible for aluminum, but no hotter).  Specifically I will be casting lead free silicon bronze (C65500 AKA Everdur).  Not really minis-related, but I want to sand-cast some A Song of Ice and Fire fan art plaques (house sigils, etc.), and a bronze age axe is way up there on my to-do list.  Sometime down the road I also want to build a burnout kiln so I can try lost wax casting as well, to make some more artsy type stuff.


Thanks for the reminder Algorath.  I am a big believer in people using a bit of common sense and taking responsibility for their own safety if they decide to try some crazy stuff like this, and to copy what one guy puts up on youtube without doing any further research is basically the opposite of using common sense in my book.  That said however, some of the dangers involved are probably not obvious to someone who hasn't read up on this subject. I would hate to see anyone get injured or poisoned because of anything I put online.



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