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A Nightmare Ram


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Good ole Kingdom Death Miniatures Strikes again...ROFL.

Love it Aku-Chan.  Its so well done.

Your attention to detail, and skills did this into a masterpiece.

I had to laugh at the posterior shot.. .how you kept a steady hand is beyond my comprehension.

This is a tame Mini from their other stuff..

I was given two of their mini's as a gift, the couple returned the original ones they got; because of an

over abundance of sexual nature (to put it mildly).

Great Job, so well painted !

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This is one case where I really like the KD aesthetic. Weird, grotesque, and hallucinatory but without the ah... "Japanese body-horror inspired sexual references" which basically just make me laugh out loud, then erase my browser history ;)


Great work on this, I was a little dubious about the golden hued skin-tone, but it works out beautifully. Excellent work. For a hard-hitting critique you'd need a better painter than me, I'm just really impressed :)

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