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The Old Clock-Work Poem


There is no pain among the dead.

No time worries the souls forgotten.

Only fire will consume dry old bones.


There is no pain among the dead.

There are no dogs barking in the yard.

There is no laughter of happy children.

The attic is empty of boxes of games.


No time worries the souls forgotten.

Nothing that decay doesn't tame.

No eyes cast a gaze ever so sad.

What can grow in the dusty orchard?


Only fire can consume dry old bones.

That's why the dead are hidden in humidity

For them we're all forgotten to one thing...

Meat for those that nothing will ever feed.

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    • By airviper
      I finally did it. After 3 years of telling myself this summer I will get to Kaladrax, I finally did, during the snow day this week.  Here it is

    • By Glitterwolf
      When I got my Bones III Obsidian Crypt I had a little idea.
      I put Kaladrax ( now Discontinued) on it.
      She made it her throne!
      I also included some pieces of the Bones III Graveyard Set, and a few other pieces I had laying around.
      One statue is broken because Kaladrax swung her tail when she landed.
      I made some roses with the basing stuff @knarthex had send me a while ago.
      Also my first real attempt at marble.
      I made red marble and white/yellow marble for the Crypt.
      WIP here if interested.
      So without further ado here is Kaladrax on her Mausoleum!
      Hope you like it.
      Feel free to like, comment and praise.
      Any complaints...talk to the Dragon!

    • By Glitterwolf
      I was happily scrounging through my mountain of unpainted minis when I started to combine some stuff.
      THIS is going to happen now.
      It will take time so be patient ( I know you're not, but I needed to say it!)
      I will need a big piece of MDF, and then start thinking about adding the rest of most of the Graveyard set and other stuff to this.
      Feel free to steal or be inspired.
      I have tried this with Nethymaul but she needs more conversion to fit on the roof , mainly her tail..
      And come on! Kaladrax has the right imposing look for this.

    • By robinh
      Well I have finally gone and done it!
      I managed to build up my courage and paint Kaladrax!     This was a very long session of multiple colors to make the bones just so (I didn't want white with just some quick wash).  There is at least four different colors on the bones starting with Vampire Shadow then a black wash followed by Ghoul Skin and the dry brushes of Bathalian Chitin and Graveyard bone followed by some light touches of pure white on the bone edges.
      No this was not done with a size 0 brush or in seven days...  those forumites are seriously NUTS!
      Anyways here are the pics  comments and critiques are appreciated.

    • By pinkymadigan
      A couple of multibases for Kings of War (one horde and one troop), including a more practical use for big K (he's just too big for wargaming with). Lots of shots. I had originally only intended to paint up the horde, but found I was running out of room on the base for the original number of minis I wanted to paint, so I added a few more and made the troop to go with it.


      Thanks for looking!
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