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5 headed Dragon converted from Sandra Garrity's Hydra

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I filled the gaps and sculpted some scales with green stuff. Tomorrow, I will wash and prime all the parts. They will be ready to paint this weekend.


I'm still wondering if I should use white or black primer. I think I will use both, white primer for the white dragon's head and neck and black for everything else.







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The primer sounds interesting. Are you going to have a sudden transition or a fading one between the various different colors?

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What's the retail price on this going to be, and when and where can I purchase one?  :;):

you can purchase it through Reaper. Much assembly required. Tools not provided

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@Pingo, I want to paint it with transition between the various colors. The body will mainly be dark red crossed by flame color stripes. Then, I'll mix transitory colors between the dark red body and the white, blue and green necks. The transition to white may be the hardest one to achieve, while the transition to red and black should be easier.

@dsmiles, Some things are priceless and you have to make them yourself. It will nearly take me one hundred hours to convert and paint it. But, the good news is that you now have the step by step wip to build it too. ::D:

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Before cleaning everything, I've drilled holes and wedged wooden sticks under the necks. This way, it will be easier to manipulate the heads without risking to damage the paint.

I used an old toothbrush and soft hand soap to clean the parts. Then, I removed most of the water with a towel and waited 24h for the moisture to dry completely.

After priming, I used an unfolded box to hold the parts while they get dry. The white and black primer was hard to apply, but I was able to obtain what I was aiming for.

It's ready to paint now.













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Metalchaos if the white head is adjacent to the black or blue and use their colors to aid in the transition.


Here's the model I'll be using to paint. From left to right; Black, Green, Red, Blue and White head.

The White head will be adjacent to the Blue head, this will make it easier to blend the two colors together.





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This is terrific. You get all the internet points for blazing this trail and taking us along with you.

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This is looking amazing I can't wait to see it in all it's lizardy glory ;)

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