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OneBoot attempts to paint Yephima as a Starry Sky Goddess


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Just saw the thread today, so I'm a little late to the party but glad to be on board now!


Anyway, wonderful idea for a mini, and I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing your progress on her!  You've set yourself a difficult task, but that is totally the best way to improve, so I know you'll do a great job on her!


I feel your pain with the mold line on her head; I haven't checked mine (my Yephima, not my head!), but I'm sure she has the same problem, and I vehemently hate through-hair mold lines!  Whenever I can, I always try to closely examine the minis I buy in their blisters so I can pick the one that has the least obnoxious mold lines, but obviously that doesn't work unless one is at a store with multiples of the same mini.

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It occurred to me that there are tools to cut linoleum prints, little "V"-shaped carving blades, that might be helpful removing in-hair mold lines in Bones if one is ridiculously patient.


Sharp enough and the good ones can be sharpened back up after they dull down.  This is a really good idea.

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Hey Mrs Boot.....where's the starry sky?

It's, erm, still in the planning stages. I've been doing some experimentation with various swirls and dots of color on black backgrounds painted onto paper to see which nebula/galaxy/stars pattern I like best, but haven't settled on one yet. Pictures will be forthcoming SoonTM. I've also had more trouble than I'd expected trying to decide which colors to use for her sunset skirt. Maybe I'll just end up doing all of them, starting with purple at the top and working my way down to red at the bottom, but I'm afraid then it would just look rainbow-ish. I need to do some color experimentation on paper, but between reclaiming the apartment following holiday madness (this includes finally setting up the Hobby Room as my Painting Kingdom) and spending time with Mr. Boot, I've had very little painting time lately. Hopefully I'll have some later today, though!  ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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This is a great nightbringer.

Also, I used this to do this, which is sort of similar.

Start simple.  You can always do a glaze of something overtop of plain white stars if you feel like you need more color.  This is a great idea!!!  ::):


edit- curses, wrong link...

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Thanks for checking in, everyone; knowing that there are people waiting for updates is helping to keep me motivated!  :blush:


won't happen for a bit. Steam just popped up and told me Oneboot is playing Borderlands. So unless it's Mr. Boot, we've lost her for a while....


:ph34r: *embarrassed cough* Nope, that was me; Mr. Boot has his own account. And yeah, I was on there for WAY too long. But! Painting happened on Thursday, and I finally have time to update!


UPDATE: In which OneBoot discovers that a toothbrush is not a high-precision painting tool


Firstly! I tinkered around for awhile trying to decide what the best painting approach would be. From left to right: Using a regular paintbrush, using a spiffy stippling brush (it took be a bit to figure out how to use it properly, hence the blobs), and spattering with a toothbrush.




I highly recommend finding some sort of splatter guard when painting with toothbrushes. Such as this super fancy high-tech* shoe box




*some claims may be exaggerated


It was pretty easy to decide which technique I liked better (spoiler: it's the toothbrush one), though I do think I'll do a couple of comets with a regular brush, and perhaps a couple of little star clusters with the stippling brush if I can get it to cooperate.


I tried out four different colors of white (I love that I can say this and it totally makes sense!):


Left to right: Ghost White, Splintered Bone, Linen White, Pure White.



I think I like the Ghost White and the Pure White the best:




Note the use of gloves; I determined rather quickly that this technique is quite...messy.  ^_^


15 minutes and WAY too much fun later, Yephima looks like...well, like a paint bottle exploded nearby.






I have to say, the effect looks pretty awesome from a distance. Close-up, however, it's obvious that I had the toothbrush way too close when I was doing the splattering, since the thicker spatters left tide marks all over (it's a bit hard to see; look at the area on the inside of her knee):




After looking back and forth between my paper and Yephima, I realized the other reason why the effect didn't look as cool on her as on the paper; it's because there is substantially less surface area on Yephima than on the paper, so while the dot size works pretty well on the paper, it's too big on her.


I'm going to repaint her skin and try again, this time with the toothbrush further away, and also with a lot less splattering (I, er, got rather caught up in the fun of the moment). I'm seeing that less is more, in this case.  ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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Looking good. A worthy experiment.


Round spatter will look more like stars than oval splatter. Tip: if the droplets are falling onto her they will be more likely to assume a spherical shape producing a round dot. (As opposed to slinging in from the side.)


I am not enough of a physics major to explain the whys and maths but it is a thing. (Before the civil war they used to mass produce spherical bullets by dropping blobs of molten metal about 80 feet into a water bath to 'freeze' them.)


Second tip: round tooth picks and paper clip ends. Round tooth picks can be nipped off, then filed smooth with a nail file, to produce a round implement-of-star-stamping. The flat machined ends of paperclips will give you two additional sizes. Dip in paint, dab model, pull back: for those special low magnitude (bright) stars.


Anything else you can scrounge with a machined, flat end could be useful.


Also loose masking could help. Draping areas with tissue you don't want 'starred' could save some time/effort.

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My husband looked at me like a mad woman th first time I took a thick like...wire brush and blew on it to make blood splatter. Your toothbrush way seems like I would be less winded afterwards. I am intrigued?


With short nylon bristles you just roll your thumb across them. Paint is launched. If the paint falls nearly vertically —and— strikes at an angle normal to the surface: nice round dots happen.

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    • By 72moonglum
      Hello all you Reaper people!
      So, Bones V will be hopefully arriving in the next few months, and one thing I told myself was that before I got my package, I wanted to finish the smaller Yephima sculpt before the new and larger Yephima shows up at my door.  I really love both versions, and I just wish this Yephima would be available in metal.
      I tried painting her already years ago, started even a WIP in the forum, which I'd have to hunt down. My original thought was make her a very, dark dusky color and blonde hair with pinks and oranges, but at one point my inspiration went awry and I stopped painting her probably to be an eternal WIP.  But then a few years later, I got a new copy and this one I did more sky blue and blonde, but it doesn't look as pinkish as I originally had thought.  I also think I made my metals way too blue, but oh well. I actually enjoyed painting this lady to the degree that I could see myself painting her again with a different color scheme. One of the other benefits of Bones is the cost, I can grab a new one quickly for around 7.00, so that's also a nice Bones bonus!
      Anyhoos, here she is:

      With such a big model, after taking photos, I can see so many glaring issues, but oh well, not going to let myself worry about it too much and will rather maybe go back and paint her up gain some day, incorporating a few fixes. 
    • By OneBoot
      *blows a thick layer of dust off of her tiny corner of the WIP section*
      *sneezes violently*
      Wow, it's been...way too long since I last posted a project here! 
      So, this is an idea I've had bouncing around in my head since Argent was announced, and I've finally gotten around to putting it into action. This is just for fun, and unless it turns out unexpectedly amazing, I don't plan to enter him at ReaperCon, which makes him just right for easing me back into regular painting!
      My original idea was this: I discovered a paint pen that holds the EPITOME OF SHINY CHROME DELICIOUSNESS (search for Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker if you too want to revel in the glorious shiny) (also a shoutout to @LordDave for introducing me to this loveliness!). I already HAVE a shiny metallic dragon in my Ma'al drakar, and I couldn't have two all-metallic gigantic dragons in one household. It would just lead to bickering and drama about who's the favorite and oh-she-smudged-my-scales oh-no-I-didn't-he-started-it and honestly who even needs that? SO I wanted to experiment with painting Argent up using regular paints, then using the paint pen just on select scales and edges as a highlight.
      In my head it looks FREAKING AWESOME.  Buuuut since there's a lot of unknowns about this pen and how well reality will conform to my vision...


      First up, I tried my original plan of regular paint with chrome on the edges of stuff. I slopped these paints:

      onto part of a spare Bones Battleguard Golem, since these are some of the colors I'm planning to use on Argent (haven't fully settled on my color scheme for him, but that'll come later). I forgot to take pictures of that part, so you'll just have to use your imagination!
      Next, I used the chrome pen to try a few things; outlining armor segments, dot highlights, thicker vs. thinner lines, etc. And...none of them actually looked all that good. The chrome is just so very distractingly shiny compared to the matte paint that it just looks...bad.  But that's okay! This is what doing science is all about: trying lots of things and seeing what works! (Also known as "throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks" but I thought that might get kind of messy in this context)
      So, next I tried chroming an entire shoulder section and glazing some of the Clear Phthalo Blue over the top.
      (sorry for the blurry pictures, I may have been quivering from excitement )
      (also ignore the random bits of gold, those are from a previous unrelated experiment)


      This looked...much more promising! Huzzah!
      Which brings me both to the next phase of testing, and my next post because this one has gotten long enough!
      --OneBoot :D
    • By OneBoot
      This is going to be one of the most ambitious projects I've ever attempted, so I thought making a WIP thread would be a good idea.   If everything goes well, I plan to enter this beastie at ReaperCon this year, so fingers crossed!
      This is an idea I've had bouncing around in my head for awhile, and started gathering materials for it last year.
      My plan is to take this lovely critter:

      and rather than using the shipwreck as a base, use half of one of these:

      and paint the Kraken to look all spacey and such.
      So! To that end, I now have one of these!

      I'll just be using the top half for the base, though:

      Which means that the bottom hemisphere is available for...testing.

      --OneBoot :D
    • By Ratmaster2000
      So now that the contest is over, here's my Giant entry. I was short on time (and may go back and highlight and drybrush to finish), so I did not do as well on her as I wanted. Hope you all like the use of breast cancer pink:)

    • By Kev!
         She's from Cloud Nine...

      P.S. She's not big boned, she's fluffy!
      P.P.S the tags are acting weird... limit 4, no caps?
      P.P.P.S It's cotton ball material on the base
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