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US Miniature Painting Competitions - Where are They?

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While I realize that not all painters are interested in painting competitions I thought it might be valuable to figure out where to go if you want to compete. I'm going to start a list here, chime in and I'll update the initial post. What we are looking for are the where, the when, the type of judging used and maybe an idea of size and quality of the entries. What I don't want to include are small local store competitions, so please restrict it to those that are stand alone events or part of a convention (gaming or otherwise). If you know of historical painting competitions or modeling shows that include miniature painting include those as well. If you have a website link that would be handy. I'll try and arrange them in a yearly order of occurrence.


Genghis Con, Denver CO, President's Day Weekend (February), Trophy (1-3rd place by category), + Best in show. Typically features 100-150 entries with all skill levels represented, Tends to be heavy with high quality entries. Painting Competition run by the CMPA. http://www.originsgamefair.com 

Historicon, Fredericksburg VA, July http://www.historicon.org


Open Gaming Convention, Nashua NH, Trophy judging + Best in Show (not sure if there are trophies per category or not)  http://www.ogc-con.com/ogc/


GenCon, Indianapolis IN, August, Open system, + Best in Show. Unknown # of entries, all skill levels represented, Mid to high number of high quality entries. Run by MHE (miniature hobby events) http://genconminipainting.com


Gateway, Los Angeles CA, Labor Day Weekend (Aug/Sep), Trophy (1st-3rd place by category) + Best of Show   small competition http://strategicon.net


MMSI, Chicago IL, October, Open System + Best in Show, Large competition, very heavy with high quality entries. Run by MMSI [This is primarily a historical show but added a fantasy category a number of years ago, a number of fantasy painters now serve in the judging groups] http://www.mmsichicago.com/


Gladiator Games, Salt Lake City UT, October, Trophy (1st-3rd place by category), I'm guessing that this is a small competition.


Let me know what else is out there or fill in missing information from the ones above.

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Strategicon in Los Angeles:


OrcCon: President's Day Weekend

Gamex: Memorial Day Weekend

Gateway: Labor Day Weekend


Multiple categories with plaques for the winners of each and Best of Show. Small turn out.




Southern California Area Historical Miniature Society


April 10 & 11 2015

Do not know any other details. http://scahms.kitmaker.net/

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Listening to the Screaming Heretic podcast recently, they were touting a painting contest at the Las Vegas Open (March?).




I went hunting and I did find this event. Its in February and while I see lots of classes, I don't see any mention of a miniature painting competition.

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LoneStar Figure Show, Dallas/Ft Worth, TX, 12-14 March 2015: http://www.lonestarfigureshow.com/


Tulsa Show, Tulsa, OK: http://www.hmsneo.org/index.php Note: this show is normally the first weekend of June, but there seems to be some issues. The site and FB page have not been updated.


I will update this as more info becomes available.


EDIT: Dates 5-6 June 2015 confirmed. Location: Wyndham Hotel in Tulsa (same place it's always been): http://www.wyndham.com/hotels/oklahoma/tulsa/wyndham-tulsa/hotel-overview?cid=local


I'm told the HMSNEO and FB pages will be updated after Thanksgiving. I've been going to this show for years, Always fun and an easy road trip from DFW, TX.





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There's a new one in Utah called the Salty Dwarf. It's in it's second year and is awarded during the Gladiator games in October.






I was going to enter this year to support the guys running it but it's an hour away and you need to enter in the morning and be around in the evening to win. Don't really have that kind of time.

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I don't see MFCA listed.  Miniatures Figure Collectors of America show May 8-9 in King of Prussia, PA (in the Convention Center across from Valley Forge National Historic Park).


It's judged on the Open system with historical and fantasy categories.  Very high quality entries (but don't let that stop you from entering...it just mean lots of eye candy!).  Guys come over from Europe for this one.  Well worth the trip (and we drive 12 hours each way with small children - yeah, it's that good).


Crystal Brush/Adepticon is in March this year.

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