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Yep. Another Kingdom Death mini from me (can't get enough of the stuff at the moment), this time it's the fearsome Storm Knight:-




Didn't get too far today though:-




I've only managed to basecoat the steel and metallic blue parts in Nightmare Black.


I think this is going to be an even harder project than I thought.



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Such a neat figure, again, really enjoying all the KD figures you are doing. I have over a dozen now and haven't painted any yet. They are going to be projects for myself when I get a chance to do them.


Off to a good start, a challenging figure is something that'll help you really get to be a better painter in my opinion.

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I love this figure.  I have mine assembled and ready to go too.  I have a really bold color scheme in mind.  I'm interested to see what you do with him.


My colour scheme isn't going to be particularly bold.

I'm going heavy with metallics, mainly steel, with the bits of scale mail metallic blue, the faces in gold and all the pipework in brass.


For some reason I can't see any images you've posted in any part of the forum.  :down:   I could see them last week so I'm not sure what's going on.


Sounds like Imageshack is playing up again.


Are you painting him like a storm cloud with lightning clashing within him or a fluffy white happy cloud with sunlight and rainbows shining through? ^_^


He's going to be stormy if I can work out how to do it, I like the idea of a happy, fluffy, Rainbow Knight though.

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Exciting figure choice Aku-Chan.

I agree with Ub3r.. choosing a difficult (or unfamiliar style) is a magnificent way to grow as a painter.

I do 25mm because they are so dang difficult, but I do mix the sizes, and genre's after a couple.

I love doing the frogs, then the goblins, then elves, and I also have two kingdom deaths that I will do

maybe next year (very ambitious ones to do).

Great seeing you doing these, the ram is mind blowing !

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From the mists of time, it returns!




Found him while digging through my minis, looking for one to work on that had no skin (I'm waiting on some skin paint).


I got the rest of the metallic areas basecoated with Ruddy Leather, then applied Vallejo Oily Steel to the armour plates and Vallejo Gunmetal Blue to the scaly areas.

Then it got a nice Black Wash.

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