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Over in the Randomness Thread, I was lamenting the state of my painting desk and how it was killing any interest I had in painting.  I finally bit the bullet and started organizing.  Ub3r asked for before and after pics, and I obliged.  While cleaning and stowing, I came across the case with some of my earliest minis and figured since I had the camera out already, I may as well snap some pics.  I didn't bother to set up my dedicated photo area, but they seem to have come out ok enough.


So without further adieu, I give you a pictorial timeline of my miniature painting.



These two knights are some of the earliest example of my work.  They are either Heartbreaker or Citadel and have seen plenty of action over the years.  The swordless one on the left originally had a crescent moon crest on his helm that I promptly removed in what may have been my first conversion.




These fine fellows are part of the Three Stage Fighters (from Grenadier? maybe Ral Partha I put them away and I'm too lazy to go check).  They were painted around the same time as the knights (late 80's).

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Next up I have a pair of my favorite minis: some sort of 'Mancer from Earthdawn (Ral Partha I believe).  I never played Earthdawn, the fellow with the helmet was perfect to use for my Battle Mage Jelrek.  I miss that character; he created a spell that would assemble and then animate siege engines.  Good times.  Back the painting.  This marks the first time that I mixed colors.  I was using a mix of Armory and Citadel acrylics at this time (early 90's).




Moving onto the mid and late 90's with some Citadel/GW minis.  Th Wood Elf Wardancers were painted in the mid 90's and were used for various PC's.  The red boots were magical and gave a bonus to initiative.  Te Bretonian Sorceress I painted in '99 after couple year hiatus from painting.

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In 2001 I tried to get my old high school gaming group to give the new DnD Miniatures game Chainmail a try.  It didn't take but I did paint up a pair of Hyenas and a Stonespike.




In 2002, I had rejoined the Navy after a two year break and had discovered Reaper; and the boards.  I was stationed up in the Shipyards in Kittery MEhad read a post about a Black Lightning member who was hosting a paint and take at the Wizards Tower in Nashua NH.  I'm originally from a town right across the river so I figured I's drive the 45 minutes down and check it out.  While I was there I painted the above Black Legionnaires and met LadyStorm for the first time.




And to conclude this trip sown memory lane, this is the first mini that I ever owned.  My folks gave me the Anti-Paladin (Mounted/Dismounted) and the Hireling boxed set, along with several 1E books for Christmas in '82.  However, I only got around to painting the dismounted version 4 or 5 years ago.  The rider from the mounted version is painted as well, but the horse is still just primer-ed.

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