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alliance took a while to drop the T-rex too, so that would be par for the course.



Reaper Bryan;


What were the reasons the medusa sculpt was dropped, i assume the snakes would not have cast easily, but were there other reasons? I was not the keenest on the sculpt, but it looked like a money maker :poke:

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NYA RPR 02827 Koarlap Bloodhand, Male Barbarian $3.29

This wouldn't happen to be the awesome barbarian sculpted by Sylvain Quirion would it? I saw the green on his site, and aside from the severe case of gynecomastia (second only to that suffered by Kage-Dar from Spyglass), that is one great barbarian miniature!


Also, I remember a green of a barbarian on a ruined stair - is that one going to be cast?

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Nope, the Koarlap mini is by Ben Siens; it's very much a Bisley-esque mini.


Sylvain's barbarian is due out in August (he's still without a name). Look for more quality work from Mr Quirion this year.


The barbarian on the stairs should end up in the Isle of Lost Minis as soon as we can get it updated.

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.... it's very much a Bisley-esque mini. 


OK, I am quoting my own post here, but I am so excited by this line in the June releases I couldn't help it:


02827: Koarlap Bloodhand, Male Barbarian by Ben Siens


Bring on the Bisley-esque, barbaric goodness! Any idea when these will be available?

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Simon Bisley is a fantasy artist, for me (and barbarian miniatures) the relevant work he has done includes Slaine, Jaguar God and Death Dealer comics for Verotik Comics, an amazing cover to Conan the Savage #1 (shown below), and numerous Heavy Metal magazine covers (although that magazine often features heroic fantasy covers it never contains stories of that genre - kind of annoying).



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NYA RPR 02871 Wererats (2) $6.99

NYA RPR 02872 Male Werewolf $4.99

NYA RPR 02873 Arran Rabin Conjuror $4.29

NYA RPR 02874 Talbot Sneak Thief $4.29

NYA RPR 02875 Telmoraine Elven Warrior $3.99

NYA RPR 02876 Goblin Leader And Shaman $6.99

NYA RPR 02877 Mountain Troll $14.99

NYA RPR 02878 Dire Bear $10.99

NYA RPR 02879 Vidor Northman Warrior $3.99

NYA RPR 02880 Lion Man $5.49

NYA RPR 02881 Dara, Psionic Warrior $3.99

NYA RPR 02882 Torie Doman, Dark Elf Assassin $3.99

NYA RPR 02883 Sir Kimball, Crusader $3.99

NYA RPR 02884 Lord Jester, Mercenary $3.99

NYA RPR 02885 Khalith The Black, Mummy Lord $3.99

NYA RPR 02886 Dark Creeper $3.99

NYA RPR 02887 Evil Toys $7.99

NYA RPR 02888 Trathus Varr, Adventuring Wizard $3.99

NYA RPR 02889 Dire Rats (4) $6.99

NYA RPR 02890 Wereshark $8.99

NYA RPR 02891 Gorgor $7.99

NYA RPR 02892 Arethusa, Nereid $3.99

NYA RPR 02893 Cazalet, Plague Priest $3.99

NYA RPR 02894 Nerea, Female Anti Paladin $3.99

NYA RPR 02895 Agramon, Pit Fiend $13.99

NYA RPR 02896 Aserlis, Liche King $3.99

NYA RPR 02897 Hell Hounds (2) $7.99

NYA RPR 02898 Kamaag, Half Orc Ranger $3.99

NYA RPR 02899 Death Knight $4.99

NYA RPR 02900 Beastmen Of The Wyld (3) $12.49

NYA RPR 14104 Reptus Archers (3) $3.99

NYA RPR 14105 Darkspawn Soultender $3.99

NYA RPR 14106 Dark Maiden $6.99

NYA RPR 14107 Overlord Grunts (3) $11.99

NYA RPR 14119 Elven Vale Guards (3) $13.49

NYA RPR 14120 Dwarves With Two-handed Weapons (3) $13.49

NYA RPR 14124 Kevis, Overlord Vizier $3.99

NYA RPR 14125 Overlord Bondslaves (3) $13.49

NYA RPR 14126 Overlord Spearmen (3) $10.99

NYA RPR 14127 Arik, Inquisitor Advisor $3.99

NYA RPR 14128 Moraia, Warbride Of Khardullis $3.99

NYA RPR 14130 Snorri Oathbreaker, Dwarf Rogue $3.99

NYA RPR 14131 Elsabeth Briarkiss, Vampire $5.99

NYA RPR 14132 Yagun Oog, Ogre Mage $9.99

NYA RPR 14133 Celestial Lion $6.99

NYA RPR 14134 Ivy Crown Archers (3) $13.49

NYA RPR 14135 Reptus Warriors (3) $11.99

NYA RPR 14136 Thorvald Clawhelm Dwarven Cavalry $13.99

NYA RPR 14137 Skeletal Breakers (4) $9.99

NYA RPR 14138 Anubis Guard (3) $11.99

NYA RPR 14139 Krung Beast $9.99

NYA RPR 14140 Battle Nun Novitiates (3) $13.49

NYA RPR 14141 Khamsin Rangers (3) $13.49

NYA RPR 14142 Khamsin Dervishes (3) $13.49

NYA RPR 14143 Kara Foehunter, Dwarf Ranger $4.49

NYA RPR 14147 Andras, Overlord Captain $4.49

NYA RPR 14156 Mercenary Warriors $13.49

NYA RPR 14157 Mercenary Breakers $13.49

NYA RPR 14158 Mercenary Archers $13.49



<_< overall, i expected fewer bipeds.

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