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Upcoming reaper releases


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Just as an FYI, the release schedules are tentative, so if it says November, that may be what they are shooting for, but Often with larger minis (like the marilith), there are casting problems, and they get delayed. Don't be discouraged though. This merely means quality control is doing a good job.

Yes I do know that, that's why there is a "caution" note near the tentative release date in the Previews.

But it gives me a good idea of what is coming next and I thought I'd share my findings on the board since there is unfortunately very few official updates on the main Reaper page.

And late miniatures never bother me much, they will be ready when they will be ready.   :)

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Look there is More!


RPR 02656 Marbrezuk Wolf Demon $7.99

RPR 02657 Lardgulp Two-headed Troll $6.99

RPR 02658 Stone Lurker $4.99

RPR 02659 Piotr Irongale Fighter W/ Chain $2.99

RPR 02660 Jonas Kane Undead Hunter $2.99

RPR 02661 Dain Deepaxe Dwarven Adventurer $2.99

RPR 02662 Elanter The Lost Prince Elven Hero $2.99

RPR 02663 James St Johnson Knight O/t Ivycrown $2.99


RPR 14045 Valandil High Mage $3.99

RPR 14046 D'narg The Slayer Elven Fighter/mage $3.99

RPR 14047 Dingo Appledimple Halfling Adventure $3.99

RPR 14048 Fatima Female Mummy $3.99

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Cool. †Good to see some remakes on older models too. †D'Narg Elven Slayer as a Warlord model, sweet! †


Mengu, is there any way a sculptor could be identified for these pieces? †I know Werner is coming out with a whole bunch of Warlord models over the next couple of batches of releases.


Anyway, thanks for the posted info.


Hey, did I redeem myself with my last show-off pic?


SK †:D

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oh, aryanun, you sound like me!


Dragons SHOULD strike terror into PC's hearts. They really do need to be very sizable in order to do that.


I'd love to have gauth, that's a good one, but I do have smaug & T'char - both fabulous - and a RP Ice Dragon from the dragon of the month which isn't small...


the rest of my dragons just don't seem to measure up to the 'thud of doom' test.


you really want the sound of setting the dragon mini on the table to give out a nice deep 'thud' that reverberates in - and causes whimpers to emit from - the chests of the players.

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Dragons need to be abusively HUGE in comparison to the pc minis. If the PC mini is a Reaper Warlord, for instance, the dragon needs to be a little larger than a cockatiel.


I would love to see a large, glorious, 5 headed winged Tiamat. I've looked at the Takhisis model of Ral Partha, and it's just not that pretty of a dragon. Too linear.

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I really really want a deluxe army pack of Gnolls. I'm going to make a beast/nature's wrath embodied army, with the Warlord Beastmen as heavies, my precious Mouslings as scouts, and now I need some Gnolls as skirmish/light infantry. As a centrepiece I'm thinking about Chronopia Blood Totems and maybe a coupla dragons (Chants: Nar! Tha! Lyskk! Nar! Tha! Lyskk! Nar! Tha! Lyskk!) oh well, maybe somehting smaller.... Ayrbajan? Hmmmm, he looks nice...
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