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Upcoming reaper releases


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My DM did a total party kill last week.  I NEED the dwarf wizard by Tuesday.  Any favors the Reaper-fairy can do to make my dwarf wizard fig appear at my FLGS in time will be much appreciated.


I'll buy you an ale if you hurry!  :D

No ale for me thanks. *G* Just as well... Odum Rumblebeard is scheduled for release in July. The pug will appear in an upcoming familiar pack. I mistakenly shot the greens together. Sorry for any confusion on that, folks!



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The pug will appear in an upcoming familiar pack. I mistakenly shot the greens together. Sorry for any confusion on that, folks!




I need Grimfang to go with my Dwarven Wizard!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reconsider putting the pug with the dwarven wizard!!!!!! Tis a sad sad sad day.  :down:  :down:  :down:

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Perhaps it is just me but I'm pretty sure that Ivy said that the pug was going to be in a familier pack that is comming out soon.  So as near as I can tell both the pug and the dwarf are going to be avaliable for sale just not togeather.  Is that so bad?  Now you can have a choice of familier for the wizard or you can use the pug for something else instead of having to buy them as one set.  



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I'm going to step out on a limb here and say that although I wasn't too excited about the Dwarven wizard, I really liked the pug and earlier, I couldn't see buying the wizard & pug just for the pug.  Will this pug be included in a Warlord familiar pack or a Dark Heaven line?
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July!?  July!?  JULY!?!  Are you insane?!  


Don't make me go buy the dwarf wizard from Hackmaster!  AAARRRGH!  I'm gonna have to carve my own pug from greenstuff as a temporary replacement for the pug I cannot buy yet from Reaper.


Okay.  Crying over.


I'll be good.


But, July is soooooooo far away.

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Well Here is the upcoming list of Fantasy minis from Reaper thoughtfully provided by alliance-games.com



NYA RPR 02694  Aeschylus Gladiator With Trident  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02695  Carnivorous Fungus Patch  $3.99  

NYA RPR 02696  Charon Of The River Styx  $8.99  

NYA RPR 02697  Yeti  $3.99  

NYA RPR 02698  Melorian Female Fighter  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02699  Wiglaf Viking Standard Bearer  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02700  Toxanimer Wizard  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02701  Thor  $3.99  

NYA RPR 02702  Hercules  $3.99  

NYA RPR 02703  Gothic Archway  $4.99  

NYA RPR 02704  Manganaw, Lord Of The Gnolls  $8.99  

NYA RPR 02705  Khulsanthus, Skeletal Dragon  $13.99  

NYA RPR 02706  Clay Golem  $4.99  

NYA RPR 02707  Odum Rumblebeard, Dwarf Wizard  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02708  Janara, Female Half Orc Fighter  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02709  Male Halfling Monk  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02710  Goblin Wolf (2)  $5.99  

NYA RPR 02711  Amiryth Elmlighter, Female Elf Archer  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02712  Eye Beast  $8.99  

NYA RPR 02713  Ilmarin Duskwander, Elf With Doublesword  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02714  Fingal Winkbeard, Gnome Fighter  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02715  Sir Justin, Templar Adventurer  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02716  Demonic Lasher  $9.99  

NYA RPR 02717  Osyleek, Shadow Dragon  $14.99  

NYA RPR 02718  Garravank, The Ghoul King  $4.99  

NYA RPR 02719  Ametrine Earthlyte, Female Dwarf  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02720  Inquisitor Of Malvernis  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02721  Thora Sweethumb, Gnome Female Bard  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02722  Witch Of The Darkmoors  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02723  Felicia Of The Blade  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02724  Egyptian Sarcophagus  $15.99  

NYA RPR 02725  Alaine, Female Paladin  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02726  Gragg Elfslayer, Orc Tyrant  $3.99  

NYA RPR 02727  Swine Prince And Female Slave  $5.99  

NYA RPR 02728  Iron Golem  $8.99  

NYA RPR 02729  Mephisto, Arch Devil  $5.99  

NYA RPR 02730  Cavern Crawler  $14.99  

NYA RPR 02731  Yuri, Female Monk  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02732  Kazumi, Male Monk  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02733  Egyptian Statue Bast  $5.99  

NYA RPR 02734  Egyptian Statue Anubis  $5.99  

NYA RPR 02735  Baerwyn, Male Elf Archer  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02736  Thull, Evil Male Fighter  $2.99  

NYA RPR 02737  Bilgetreacle, Dung Monster  $4.99  



NYA RPR 10013  Tyrannosaurus Rex Box Set  $34.95    

NYA RPR 10017  Tomb Of The Mummy King Box Set  $39.99  



NYA RPR 14046  D'narg The Slayer Elven Fighter/mage  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14047  Dingo Appledimple Halfling Adventure  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14050  Sir Broderick Justicar  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14051  Janna The Wanderer Female Barbarian  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14052  Azarphan Death Knight  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14053  Warlord: Banshee  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14057  Wight  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14058  Lorielle Silverrain, Female Elf Archer  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14060  Chaos Wizard  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14061  Orc Sergeant  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14062  Orba Sinhan Mercenary Warlord  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14063  Orc Warlord  $4.99  

NYA RPR 14064  Mummy Warlord  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14065  Luthrave, Witch Queen Of Taltos  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14066  Prince Almirith, Elf Warlord  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14067  Demon Warlord  $12.99  

NYA RPR 14068  Crusader Warlord  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14069  Templar Lightbringer #2  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14070  Nicole Of The Blade, Female Warrior  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14071  Crimson Knight  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14072  Sisters Of The Blade (4)  $9.99  

NYA RPR 14073  Skeletal Pirate Crew (3)  $9.99  

NYA RPR 14074  Orc Archers (3)  $9.99  

NYA RPR 14075  Skeletal Warriors (3)  $9.99  

NYA RPR 14076  Devourer Of Mashaf  $7.99  

NYA RPR 14077  Griffon  $9.99  

NYA RPR 14078  Nasithe, Female Dark Elf Champion  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14079  Orc Shaman  $3.99  


I hope that 14076  Devourer Of Mashaf  is ugly cthuliod beasty along the lines of the invisable thing that ate Abdul Alhazred in the market place of Damascus 738 A.D

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Thanks for posting the list Frank!


Only thing now is that I want to jump in the TARDIS and go ahead a year so I can see what they all look like  :;):


I'm still very much interested in Thora Sweethumb the female gnomish bard and now Mesphisto Arch Devil, him I wanna see!!!


And a griffin for WL? It gets cooler and cooler. So much miniature goodness- I want all of them now  :down:


And yes the Devourer of Mastiffs  :upside: does sound cool, can't wait to see it.

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And to add some more


NYA RPR 02738  Helena, Female Gladiator  $3.29  

NYA RPR 02739  Dire Bat  $11.99  

NYA RPR 02740  Mummy King on Throne  $6.99  

NYA RPR 02741  Fairies (2) and Nymph  $9.99  

NYA RPR 02742  Skeletal Giant  $14.99  

NYA RPR 02743  Tara the Silent  $3.29  

NYA RPR 02744  Cichastus, Fly Demon  $6.99  

NYA RPR 02745  Ulern, Anti-Paladin  $3.29  

NYA RPR 02746  Caella, Female Death Cultist  $3.29  

NYA RPR 02747  Jean Paul Duchamps, Werewolf  $4.99  


NYA RPR 14080  Guardian Angel  $7.99  

NYA RPR 14081  Mummy Consort  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14082  Dwarf Rune Caster Mage  $3.99  

NYA RPR 14083  Lesser Demon Sergeant  $4.99  


NYA RPR 08501  Small Drybrush (#2 Flat)  $4.99  

NYA RPR 08502  Large Drybrush (flat)  $4.99  

NYA RPR 08503  Large Brush (#2 Round)  $4.99  

NYA RPR 08504  Medium Brush (#1 Round)  $4.99  

NYA RPR 08505  Standard Brush (#0 Round)  $4.99  

NYA RPR 08506  Small Brush (#3/0 Round)  $4.99  

NYA RPR 08507  Detail Brush (#5/0 Round)  $4.99  

NYA RPR 08508  Super Detail Brush (#10/0 Round)  $4.99  

NYA RPR 08509  Super Fine Detail Brush (#20/0 Round)  $4.99  

NYA RPR 08550  Basic Brush Set (08501, 08505, 08507)  $12.99  

NYA RPR 08601  Kolinsky Sable Large Brush (#2Round)  $11.99  

NYA RPR 08602  Kolinsky Sable Medium Brush (#1 Round)  $11.99  

NYA RPR 08603  Kolinsky Sable Standard Brush (#0 Round)  $11.99  

NYA RPR 08604  Kolinsky Sable Detail Brush (#5/0 Round)  $9.99  

NYA RPR 08605  Kolinsky Sable Super Detail Brush (#10/0 Round)  $9.99  

NYA RPR 08606  Kolinsky Sable Super Fine Detail Brush (#20/0 Round)  $9.99  

NYA RPR 08607  Kolinsky Sable Micro Detail Brush(#30/0 Round)  $9.99


NYA RPR 08902  Learn to Paint Kit II Flesh & Cloth  $25.95  


ps. I have never seen a #30/0 brush...

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