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Upcoming reaper releases


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we came to the conclusion that we'd rather have long range release dates...

I'm afraid I can't agree. I'm impatient. I'm ready to buy the miniature as soon as I see the green. I don't want to see something I really like and have to wait 6 months to buy it. I'm still pulling my hair waiting on some unreleased Klocke stuff.

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Cade and Red, you misunderstood.


In an ideal world, at Origins each summer when I pick up my JoR, I'd pick up one of every CAV/model right then and there and then buy my duplicates after some analysis of the stats in the book. I know very few gamers who're happy waiting 10 months for that one figure they want to come out..... hell I was about as pissed as I could get waiting for the Ogre and Mantis.


As we don't live in an ideal world, and I'm an understanding kinda guy, I (barely) tolerate delays because a) there's nothing I can do about them and b) in the case of Reaper they're nessecary. In GW's case, release lags really irk me off.


But what I want, is the ability to tell the player who wants an X when that model will be released. Yes, it'll be subject to change, but I don't want to see that player's hopes get built up every month or so and then get dashed when the X isnt' in the releases. That's very disheartening for the player and bad for the game, very bad for the game in fact (as is releasing a rulebook without 75%+ of the models in it available).


So, while I'd like them all to be here right this damn minute, I'll accept a list telling me when to expect it, whatever 'it' might be. And that's something GW and AoG get very right.

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Frank, release calendars are hard to fulfill for small companies like miniature companies. All sorts of things can go wrong or just slow things down some. They guys at Privateer Press learned that trick real quick, you put out this ambitious release schedule because you want to please your fan base, but then one thing after another builds up and suddenly you are behind on things. Then you get the other side of the coin who begins to complain about late releases or lag times, etc...Either way you can't make everyone happy all the time so you compromise in a fashion tha makes you look like you are trying. Reaper does a pretty good job of letting people know whats coming down the pipe, and you can usually guess within a month or two when that something is going to come out. there are exceptions of course but I think even the peeps who are responsible for releasing the minis change their minds from time to time.

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From alliance-games.com


NYA RPR 02789 Talarand Blackguard $3.99

NYA RPR 02790 Skeletal Centurion $3.29

NYA RPR 02791 Zombie Werewolf $4.99

NYA RPR 02792 Gameela, Female Sphinx $8.99

NYA RPR 02793 Arianna, Fairy Princess $4.99

NYA RPR 02794 Oriental Dragon $14.99

NYA RPR 02795 Branson, the Avenger Paladin Initate $3.29

NYA RPR 02796 Ilsa Darkstep, Female Thief $3.99

NYA RPR 02797 Taenar, the Scaly Cultist Leader $3.49

NYA RPR 02798 Korin, Female Barbarian $3.29


NYA RPR 14100 Mummies (3) $11.99

NYA RPR 14101 Skeletal Archers (4) $11.99

NYA RPR 14102 Avatar of Sekhmet $6.99

NYA RPR 14103 Templars with Two-handed Swords (3) $11.99


NYA RPR 57005 Female Dark Elf LizardRider $14.99

NYA RPR 57006 Dark Elf Assassin $7.99

NYA RPR 57007 Male Dk Elf Lizard Rider $14.99

NYA RPR 57008 Steampunk Lady $7.99


NYA RPR 61021 Armattan and Sirah $7.99

NYA RPR 61022 Jiunan Hunter of the Dead $3.99

NYA RPR 61023 Master of Battle $3.99

NYA RPR 61024 Water Aspect Dragon Blooded $3.99

NYA RPR 61025 Horakinis Scholar $3.99


Some good stuff there.

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From alliance-games.com


NYA RPR 02792 Gameela, Female Sphinx $8.99

NYA RPR 02794 Oriental Dragon $14.99

NYA RPR 14100 Mummies (3) $11.99

NYA RPR 14102 Avatar of Sekhmet $6.99

NYA RPR 61024 Water Aspect Dragon Blooded $3.99

Someone at Reaper has been listening... :wub:




Now, if I could JUST get that Egyptian Chariot, life would be swell. ::D:

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NYA RPR 61001  Harmonious Jade  $3.99

NYA RPR 61002  Panther  $3.99

NYA RPR 61003  Arianna  $3.99

NYA RPR 61004  Horned Snow Hunter  $4.99

NYA RPR 61005  Avaku Fire Dragon Blooded  $3.99

NYA RPR 61006  Roseblack  $3.99

NYA RPR 61007  Dace Mercenary Captain  $3.99

NYA RPR 61008  Swan Diplomat  $3.99

NYA RPR 61009  Kejak Chejop Sidereal Exalted  $3.99

NYA RPR 61010  Legionaries (2)  $7.99

NYA RPR 61011  Abyssal Exalted Deathknight  $3.99

NYA RPR 61012  Prince Of Shadows  $3.99

NYA RPR 61013  Lady Of Darkness  $3.99

NYA RPR 61014  Lunar Exalted Bull  $3.99

NYA RPR 61015  Legionnaire Captain  $3.99

NYA RPR 61021  Armattan and Sirah  $7.99

NYA RPR 61022  Jiunan Hunter of the Dead  $3.99

NYA RPR 61023  Master of Battle  $3.99

NYA RPR 61024  Water Aspect Dragon Blooded  $3.99

NYA RPR 61025  Horakinis Scholar  $3.99


don't know that yet, it hasn't been released to the public yet.


this is the complete list of the Exalted line that has been made public.

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More more more...


RPR 02799 Gnort, Dire Werebear $6.99

RPR 02800 Skeleton Warrior $3.29

RPR 02801 Evalyn, Female Duelist $3.29

RPR 02802 Dragon Hatchlings (2) $6.99

RPR 02803 Brother Vincent, Sun Priest $3.29

RPR 02804 Plague Harbinger $4.99

RPR 02805 Rowena, Female Barbarian Shaman $3.29

RPR 02806 Lucrotta $4.99

RPR 02807 Lamaan, Sorcerer $3.29

RPR 02808 Taryn, Spearmaiden $3.99


RPR 04414 Kaega, Female Shugenja $3.99

RPR 04415 Ashigaru $3.99

RPR 04416 Ujimitsu $3.99

RPR 04417 Hiruma $3.99

RPR 04418 Sword Master $3.99

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