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Upcoming reaper releases


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There needs to be less humaniods, and more monsters for my tastes. And really, who is going to fear the walkers of the apocalypse


NYA RPR 02754 Blood Wolves (2) $6.99


NYA RPR 02801 Evalyn, Female Duelist $3.29


NYA RPR 02808 Taryn, Spearmaiden $3.99


NYA RPR 02809 Attercop $3.29


NYA RPR 02810 Hyrekia, Half Elf Sorceress $3.29


NYA RPR 02811 Dain Deepaxe, Dwarven Hero $3.29


NYA RPR 02812 Kallista, Female Warrior With Axe $3.29


NYA RPR 02813 Reaper Of The Apocalypse War $6.99


NYA RPR 02814 Pillar Of Evil $5.99


NYA RPR 02815 Pillar Of Good $5.99


NYA RPR 02816 Thomas Hammerfist, Warrior $3.29


NYA RPR 02817 Moor Hound $4.99


NYA RPR 02818 Bugbear Warriors (2) $8.49


NYA RPR 02819 Gloom Wraith $3.49


NYA RPR 02820 Karedwyn, Female Druid with Spear $3.99


NYA RPR 02821 Ice Queen $3.29


NYA RPR 02822 Laumarak the Pale Lich $3.29


NYA RPR 02823 Rasia, Female with Spiked Chain $3.29


NYA RPR 02824 Nehanda, Malapango Princess $3.29


NYA RPR 02825 Townsfolk V Commoners $9.99


NYA RPR 02826 Terezinya, Necromancer & Familiar $3.99


NYA RPR 02827 Koarlap Bloodhand, Male Barbarian $3.29


NYA RPR 02828 Thornback Troll $4.99


NYA RPR 02829 Bertrand, Traveling Monk $3.29


NYA RPR 02830 Wolf Pack (3) $8.99


NYA RPR 02831 Olivia Copperbell, Female Halfling $2.99


NYA RPR 02832 Ogre Chieftain $7.99


NYA RPR 02833 Medusa $4.99


NYA RPR 02834 Deladrin, Female Assassin $3.49


NYA RPR 02835 Jolie, Female Scribe $3.29


NYA RPR 02836 Piers, Young Mage $3.29


NYA RPR 02837 Haunt $3.29


NYA RPR 02838 Faceless Horror $9.99


NYA RPR 04414 Kaega, Female Shugenja $3.99


NYA RPR 04415 Ashigaru $3.99


NYA RPR 04416 Ujimitsu $3.99


NYA RPR 04417 Hiruma $3.99


NYA RPR 04418 Sword Master $3.99


NYA RPR 04419 Ninja Bowman $3.99


NYA RPR 04420 Hyobe of the Mantis Clan $3.99


NYA RPR 04421 Lions Pride Female Samurai $3.99


NYA RPR 04422 Ryosei of the Mantis Clan $3.99


NYA RPR 04423 Wolf Clan Warrior $3.99


NYA RPR 14070 Nicole Of The Blade, Female Warrior $3.99


NYA RPR 14072 Sisters Of The Blade (4) $11.99


NYA RPR 14086 Giant Eagle $8.99


NYA RPR 14088 Dark Elf Sorceress $3.99


NYA RPR 14089 Female Corrupted Elf $3.99


NYA RPR 14090 Wraiths (3) $11.99


NYA RPR 14091 Black Legionnaire Sergeant $3.99


NYA RPR 14099 Reptus Breakers (3) $11.99


NYA RPR 14102 Avatar Of Sekhmet $6.99


NYA RPR 14103 Templars With Two-handed Swords (3) $11.99


NYA RPR 14104 Reptus Archers (3) $3.99


NYA RPR 14105 Darkspawn Soultender $3.99


NYA RPR 14106 Dark Maiden $6.99


NYA RPR 14107 Overlord Grunts (3) $11.99


NYA RPR 14108 Goblin Archers (4) $10.99


NYA RPR 14109 Templars with Sword & Shield (3) $11.99


NYA RPR 14110 Centaur Archer $7.99


NYA RPR 14111 Templar Knight Sergeant $3.99


NYA RPR 14112 Dwarves With Axes (3) $9.99


NYA RPR 14113 Elven Archers (3) $9.99


NYA RPR 14114 Templar Polearms (3) $11.99


NYA RPR 14115 Nefsokar Tomb Guards (3) $10.99


NYA RPR 14116 Elven Archer Captain $3.99


NYA RPR 14117 Beastmen With Axes (3) $9.99


NYA RPR 14118 Beastman Boghul $3.99


NYA RPR 57001 Orc Shaman $6.99


NYA RPR 57002 Chaos Sorceress $7.99


NYA RPR 57003 Imperial Captain $6.99


NYA RPR 57004 Dwarven Hero $6.99


NYA RPR 57005 Female Dark Elf Lizardrider $14.99


NYA RPR 57006 Dark Elf Assassin $7.99


NYA RPR 57007 Male Dk Elf Lizard Rider $14.99


NYA RPR 57008 Steampunk Lady $7.99


NYA RPR 61006 Roseblack $3.99


NYA RPR 61008 Swan Diplomat $3.99


NYA RPR 61013 Lady Of Darkness $3.99


NYA RPR 61014 Lunar Exalted Bull $3.99


NYA RPR 61015 Legionnaire Captain $3.99


NYA RPR 61016 EX Ocean Pearl $3.99


NYA RPR 61017 EX Karal Fire Orchid $3.99


NYA RPR 61018 EX Witch of the Windward Isle $3.99


NYA RPR 61019 EX Sayn $3.99


NYA RPR 61021 Armattan And Sirah $7.99


NYA RPR 61022 Jiunan Hunter Of The Dead $3.99


NYA RPR 61023 Master Of Battle $3.99


NYA RPR 61024 Water Aspect Dragon Blooded $3.99


NYA RPR 61025 Horakinis Scholar $3.99

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Top Posters In This Topic

Are they spinning molten metal *BEFORE* showing us the green? That's rather sneaky. Less painfully certainly, since I don't suffer the months of "I gotta have it!" obsessiveness that comes with being a miniadict.


Looking forward to the Attercops though! They will mke a nice addition to my homebrewed Spider Goblin army!


PS. Is there somewhere that we can see pictures of these baddies Frank?

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I spy new paints!


NYA RPR 09001 Red Brick 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09002 Deep Red 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09003 Blood Red 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09004 Bright Red 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09005 Phoenix Red 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09006 Bright Orange 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09007 Marigold Yellow 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09008 Sunlight Yellow 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09009 Lemon Yellow 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09010 Pine Green 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09011 Leaf Green 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09012 Light Green 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09013 Forest Green 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09014 Kelly Green 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09015 Emerald Green 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09016 Deep Blue 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09017 Bright Blue 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09018 Light Blue 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09019 Blue Black 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09020 Twilight Blue 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09021 Snowshadow 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09022 Nightshade Purple 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09023 Imperial Purple 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09024 Amethyst Purple 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09025 Burgundy Wine 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09026 Violet Red 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09027 Pale Violet Red 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09028 Warm Walnut Brown 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09029 Earth Brown 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09030 Leather Brown 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09031 Tanned Leather 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09032 Amber Gold 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09033 Golden Blond 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09034 Dark Olive 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09035 Olive Green 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09036 Pale Olive 1/2oz $2.99

NYA RPR 09037 Pure Black 1/2oz $2.99

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Personally, while I like to see the upcoming minis posted on the Alliance website, I find it extremely frustrating as there is generally no time frame associated with the releases.


What would be great would be for Reaper to chance their "New Releases" to reflect the next 2-3 months, ideally with the greens/greys for each included. I recognise that having the picts for the next 3 months may not always be possible, but it would be nice to see the picts of the next month's releases posted.





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We've been after such a thing (an "Upcoming Releases" list with dates) for the CAV line for quite a while to no avail. We can sometimes get a release order, but the March Releases, for example, have not been sen to ditributors yet AFAIK.


I understand this is mostly due to delays at the master-making level, though.

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I for one can tell you that you guys often see a new green before we do. Kit (in his infinite wisdom) rushes these bad boys off to the art room for photos BEFORE THEY EVEN ARRIVE. well, not really that fast.....


We usually release the minis just as fast as we get them, unless a piece is delayed (I know about the Medusa you want so badly, but Ron said NO!). So we can't always provide a 100% accurate release list, I mean, what if the green is late? or needs to be modified? then we've just LIED to all of you, and that wouldn't be fair.

I can tell you that I have seen some wonderful new things lately (tease....tease....tease....) and you guys are gonna go nuts.


Oh, and I "do not know anything" about the 57000 line.

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The names of the 57's line up exactly with Werner's Freebooter Minis...
Which we were told fell through, right?


right. in fact, RMatt's words were:


Figured I should pop in and let folks know what was up here. Reaper/Freebooter was just something that was discussed between Reaper Ron and Werner; however, it never progressed beyond just discussions.


Sorry to burst any hope bubbles but I didn't want this thread spinning a rumor into something more.


I'd say the Alliance site is in need of some editting, but then again they did have other things listed for the longest time that were shelved/scrapped. it is a nice place to see what might be coming, but it sure isn't written in stone.


cher ^_^

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