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So I went to Reapercon last year for the first earlier this year.  Had a great time, learned a lot and hung out with some of the coolest people.  What I didn't do was enter the paint contest.  Remember the picture or all of the forumites holding their trophies and certificates and medals?  I wasn't in there, I was taking the picture.  So klarg and Cash and Monkeysloth bullied me and had me swear upon pain or stealing my booze (they said they would release my Kraken) and made me promise to enter something next year.  So I will.


But me being me, I don't intend to make it easy on myself.  Oh no, I'm way too much of a masochist for that.  So not only am I going to enter, I'm going big.  How big you ask?  Well, it's going to be my first contest entry of any type.  My first resin miniature to boot.  My first display base too.  Hmm, still too easy.  I know, 'll make it a tribute to a forum member.  Which one?  Let's go with the Forum Mascot!  What kind of display base; dungeon, dumpster, stanky sock pile?  Hell no!  Surface of the moon baby!


While I just may be clinically insane, I'm not stupid.  I'll need help along the way.  Not only with pulling this off but keeping me motivated during the practically guaranteed disasters that will occur along the way.  Feel free to comment, brainstorm and critique.  It's practically impossible to hurt my feelings.  I'm my own harshest critic.


Buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.


Here's the basis for the figure; sixteen wondrous pieces of resin.  I'll need a sharper knife.



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Yesh! I can't wait to see this! I'm still trying to work out the detail to make it to ReaperCon, and possibly enter some stuff in the "I don't know what or where to enter what I have or have not done yet" category... This project looks to be EPIC!

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I wouldn't expect blazing fast speed on this project as I have a lot to work out.


I see the base as a square block of wood, with a label plate; "Emperor of the Moon".  Moonscape (small craters, moon dust, footprints?) up top with a space backdrop and Earth hanging behind his shoulder. 


Obviously tangerine skin (a couple of Bones Bugbears have volunteered to serve as practice) and Napolionic (-ish, I will most likely offend some historical war gamers with my execution) colors for the uniform.  I haven't decided on the wolf yet.  I've considered painting it green and giving it antenna because a) space wolf and b) Buglips.


I have a picture of what I want it to look like in my head, but the true test will be how much it matches that IRL.  The trickiest part will be the lighting.  When I think of lighting in space, I think harsh lighting and sharp shadows.  I'll have to remember that when I'm painting the base to help sell it.

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Contrary to my statements about blazing fast speeds, I have de-sprued all of the pieces for this mini.  I had been fearing working with resin, but this kind cuts like butter.  clean cuts, very little flash (what little there was was easily removed by scrapping with the x-acto blade).  However, thin pieces appear to be extremely fragile.  The sword broke off from the hand as I was cutting the hand off of the sprue, and a sliver or a corner of the hat came off as well.  The sword should be relatively easy to re-attach, but the piece of hat is so small as to just be visible.  I foresee either some green stuffing or some battle damage in my future.


It took me a bit but I think I've figured out how the legs attack to the wolf.  Figure I will assemble the wolf and rider and paint them separately.  Then tweak as needed when I put them together.  Same with the base. Hmm, I need a base.  At least a block of wood to start making a base.


Enough for the night. Off to sleep and then move furniture in the morn.

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