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Yes I did I plan on getting those as well


Tiik are as good as any, and better than most. And CHEAPER than most if you go with Bones.

Yea I plan on the bulk of them being the Tiik minis in bones but am going to get a few extras just for flavor I like alot of the ones that got posted in here thank you all!

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Deep ones from "Call of Cthulhu" are good, but seldom are equipped with weapons.

DDM's prepainted line (now out of production) had several very good sahuagin, but they can be a bear to find. Your best bet is to check with online sellers and see about buying them in bulk.

It occurs to me that another thing you could do is look up "HorrorClix Deep Ones" and see what online sellers would be able and willing to equip you; they were commons, as I recall, and therefore I'd think they'd be cheap.

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