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02991 Ghost King 02969 Kitty 74025 Graveyard vignette

tiniest rhombus

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I like this the blue on the king looks great and the base is stunning. Cats are always finding dimensional doors and ending up where they shouldn't. I guess that's why mine disappears for hours without leaving the house!!!!!!! Well done

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I like this the blue on the king looks great and the base is stunning. Cats are always finding dimensional doors and ending up where they shouldn't. I guess that's why mine disappears for hours without leaving the house!!!!!!! Well done

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    • By Zira
      First Reaper minis I've painted! Pretty proud of how the spider turned out! I tried to get an iridescent look on the crow, but I couldn't quite figure it out 😅
      Constructive critiques welcome!

    • By Glitterwolf
      Reaper's Jacob Knochenguard and a piece of Reaper's Graveyard Fence.
      Part of my Children of the Night Project.
      When Jakob heard of the trouble his old friend Ernst Holtz was in he didn't hesitate, he travelled to the Barony as fast as he could.
      Unlike Ernst, Jakob didn't want anything to do with those modern gizmos, that steamwagon Ernst was so fond of?
      Jakob was convinced it would explode one day.
      No, he would rely on his silver sword, the Holy Bible and his pistol with silver bullets, they had never failed him before.
      Jakob didn't have to wait long before he encountered the first abomination, as he suspected it was no match for his sword.
      Now to meet Ernst, if that contraption hadn't burst into flames by now..

    • By Dan S
      It feels like an age since I last posted a terrain build, my last build journal (still unfinished) was actually in October of last year, so it has been a while!
      Anyhow, my circumstances have changed and I have found myself with more free time to enjoy my hobby, and so this week I was able to sit down and start a new build, another photo backdrop, this time a cemetery (sorry no build journal this time, I just wanted to enjoy the project).  This one had been on my to do list for ever, the gravestones, coffin and the wall are all Reaper accessories.  I had a lot of fun with this one.
      On another positive note, I've now got some time to go back and revisit my 'Post Apocalyptic Suburbia' build journal.  I'm sure  many people don't even remember it, but leaving it unfinished has really been bugging me, so hopefully that one will have a much overdue update by the weekend!  







    • By Iridil
      Here is some more February painting - a bones IV crone with her black cat out of the familiar pack. Of course it was after pics that I noticed the bare spot on the base!

    • By R2ED
      It's the weekend...you know what time it is!
      I normally don't like doing redo's but, both of my completed minis today are from my junk pile.  I tried them both and failed at them both.  However, I wasn't willing to give up on them.  A quick bath in some Simple Green and we're ready to rock again.
      *  Still trying to learn gradients and pushing contrast.  Both were wins here this time.  I used the blue as a big sweep from blue to white.  Same with the sword going from yellow to white.
      *  I think the blue spectral form worked well and made for a fun eye-catching color.  I'm not 100% sold on the sword colors, but I tried to pull it together in both the jewel from the crown, the glow in the palm, and tie the sword as if it's all part of the spell.  
      *  The cape was a fun test of patience.  I used only black and white.  Going from a deep grey mix of black/white, then all the way up to light grey with a white/black mix.  I think some of the shaded ares are a bit heavy, but I'm getting much more comfortable blending and pushing mixes.  WIN!
      *  The armor was a cool combo of using the same deep black/white grey mix I did in the cape and used that as the base and then did the trim with a gunmetal/aluminum mix.  Then pushed the points with a straight aluminum mix.  Win!
      *  I really worked with the thinning of the paint.  I used flow improver from Liquitex and just dipped the brush tip in and only slightly mixed it in.  Worked better than water and was able to spread this better.  I've been developing this method over the last 4 minis and it's working really, really well.
      *  Loving the airbrush priming.  Went with a black base of Stynylrez and then zenithal from the top angle with white ink.  Win!
      *  Eyes - I started with the yellow theme to match the sword, but turns out the right eye has a weird slope on it and when I put the yellow in there it wanted to run downward.  I figured adding a black dot in there would be better, but nope.  I like that it tied to the sword, but I feel like something's missing in the eyes.
      *  Sword color - to have a sun sword for a ghost seems a bit strange.  I just couldn't think of another color to make that sword work.  Open for some suggestions here.
      I definitely think the priming method is helping me identify different folds of the cape or shading.  I'm happier every day with this this airbrush.  I was really holding off on getting it, but I'm very happy I went for it.
      Gotta base this thing still and looking for ideas there, too.  Any thoughts?  Pictures help me on anything someone thinks would be good.

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